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Geri Aron left a comment for Shari Shantasi
"OK Shari, now I recall.  I hope the crow is leading a happy life though I am sure he'd rather be our cawing with his friends. Love those big guys.... I have something to toss out to you...Natalie Owings called today with a thought...she is…"
3 hours ago
Shari Shantasi left a comment for Geri Aron
"Maybe I can refresh your memory... the man who called you about the Raven was named Dennis. This all happened in Santa Fe, June 2013. He had a bird in his yard that couldn't fly and was trying to find someone to help. You called Santa Fe Raptor…"
9 hours ago
Ben Swan commented on Kitty Zimmer's blog post Zimmer Foundation is now the Zimmer Feline Foundation
"Thank you, Kitty, for all your incredible work and the dedication you show for all of the animals in our community."
11 hours ago
Geri Aron shared their blog post on Facebook
16 hours ago
Geri Aron left a comment for Shari Shantasi
"Hello Shari...Thanks so much for your e-mail.  Why don't you send it to the New Mexican in response to mine....the more info about this the more people will be aware of it....and I did not know about the alternative...that is good.! I am…"
17 hours ago
Shari Shantasi left a comment for Geri Aron
"Hi Geri. First I want to send my sympathies for the loss of your sweetie PennyBaby. Secondly I want to thank you for the letter to the editor concerning 'wedding doves'. (You may remember calling me the time you were helping a gentlemen…"
Luvin Labs posted a photo


This 1 year old full-bred Labrador Retriever female is Lille. Lille came to Luvin’ Labs from a military family who could no longer keep her due to a reassignment. She’s very comfortable around small children (she grew up with 3, 5 and 6 year olds),…
Kitty Zimmer posted a blog post

Zimmer Foundation is now the Zimmer Feline Foundation

Just in case you haven't noticed -- over the past few months we've been using a slightly different name for our foundation -- Zimmer Feline Foundation.  It's a subtle change but one that more depicts who we are and what we do.  And -- it also is the last step in transitioning from a Michigan corporation (where we worked with cats from 2000-2009 to a New Mexico corporation where we've been working with cats since 2010.  To read more:…See More


Lost your dog? Find a lost or injured animal? Here are important contact numbers in Santa Fe and Santa Fe County:

In the city limits, Animal Services is at 955-2701. On weekends and holidays, call SFPD dispatch at 955-2700.
In the county, Animal Control is at 992-1626. On weekends and holidays, call Sheriff's dispatch at 428-3720.

Still unsure about what to do to find your lost pet? Read these tips put together by Scoop member Julie.

Want to be part of a growing number of people who help find animals? Join the e-mail alert list about lost/found animals. Organized by Scoop member Claudia Inoue, recipients are notified when there is an animal lost in the Santa Fe area. If you'd like to be a part of the list, e-mail Read more about the database.

Suspect an animal might be suffering from abuse? Call the toll-free statewide hot line for reporting extreme cruelty to animals at 1-877-548-6263.

Have a favorite animal-related link? Let me know at and I'll post it here.

Animal Protection of New Mexico

Animal Shelter Tips Blog

All Creatures Memorials

Baghdad pups

Best Friends Animal Sancturary

Bridging the Worlds Animal Sanctuary

Cat Spay of Santa Fe

City of Santa Fe Animal Services

Desert Paws - news from Cochiti Lake

Dew Paws

East Mountain Pet Alert

Espanola Valley Humane Society

Felines & Friends New Mexico

House Rabbit Society

Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary

Listening to Raven: Artist Beth Surdut


Luvin' Labradors Retriever Rescue New Mexico

New Mexico House Rabbit Society

New Mexico Independent Border Collie Rescue

New Mexico Mustang and Burro Association

Pet Loss Support Page

Santa Fe Border Collie Club

Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society

Santa Fe Dog Park blog

Save the Chimps

Shaking Wind Ranch

Southwest Llama Rescue

The Wildlife Center



Rabbits aren't just for Easter

The New Mexican

Those who love rabbits as companion animals cringe when it comes to Easter — a time when many of these furry creatures promoted in baskets often end up in animal shelters after the bloom of the relationship has wilted.

“Every year, we see the same thing,” said Bill Velasquez, president of the New Mexico House Rabbit Society. “Unwanted Easter rabbits will flood into animal shelters in the coming weeks and months.”

House rabbits — domesticated companion animals that are nothing like the wild breeds that populate New Mexico’s landscape — make wonderful pets, but require dedication, care and training like any other animal. Many people who receive a bunny as an Easter gift often understand little about the rabbit’s complex nature, care or dietary needs, he said.

“When the rabbit grows up and behaves like a normal rabbit, people tend to give up on them — much more easily than they would on a cat or dog,” Velasquez said.

Statistics back up the fears of the statewide nonprofit. According to the International House Rabbit Society, most bunnies acquired as Easter gifts won’t survive their first year. And that’s a shame, said Iris Klimczuk-Massion, a member of the New Mexico House Rabbit Society and volunteer at the Santa Fe animal shelter, who was recently recognized for donating 500 hours of care for shelter rabbits.

“Rabbits are intelligent, have very individual personalities and can be loving house pets, but they are definitely not right for young kids, nor are they easy starter pets as commonly thought,” she said. “There’s a lot to learn about rabbits before bringing one home and they definitely are not for everyone.”

Recently, a domesticated rabbit was trapped in a Bishops Lodge Road neighborhood by a shelter volunteer after residents spotted it abandoned. The rabbit, now named April, is currently at the shelter and will be available for adoption or be taken in by a rescue group if no one claims her.

The House Rabbit Society, and those shelter volunteers who specialize in rabbit care, work to educate potential adopters about the joys of bunny companionship — and what it takes to make that relationship work. They encourage people to consider adopting a rabbit — or better, a bonded pair — but only when the potential adopters understand what they are getting into.

Homes, for example, may require a bit of “bunny proofing” before letting house bunnies run free. It’s natural for bunnies to chew on furniture, rugs, drapes and electrical cords. Offering bunnies attention and safe chewables and toys helps to distract them from unwanted destruction.

A cardboard box stuffed with hay make an inexpensive playbox. Often, it’s best to start with a cage, where rabbits can learn to use a litter box and be safe.

Rabbits can live between 10 to 12 years and can get along with indoor cats and well-mannered dogs.

House Rabbit Society volunteers will be out in force around Easter time, offering information about the group and education about bunnies. An estate sale and bake sale fundraiser from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 19, at the Giacobbe-Fritz Fine Art Gallery, 702 Canyon Road, offers an opportunity for education and support for the group.

The event, which will be held in the gallery’s backyard off Gormely Lane, also features two raffles for a deluxe Easter basket and a handmade quilt, both on display at the gallery starting April 12.

Gallery owner Deborah Fritz said she welcomed the opportunity to support rabbit rescue. Gallery director Palin Wiltshire, herself the guardian of two pairs of house rabbits, said, “It seemed fitting to hold this fundraising event at Easter, a holiday many people associate with rabbits. Santa Fe has a lot of animal lovers, and this event is a chance for them to support rabbit rescue by purchasing some of the fine items for sale or by purchasing raffle tickets for a chance to win a gorgeous hand-stitched quilt or a deluxe Easter basket.”

Raffle tickets for the handmade quilt to be raffled off on May 26 can also be bought online at:

Scoop bulletins

Scoop - We are the heart of Santa Fe's great animal-loving community.

Remember in order to become a member of Scoop, you must indicate whether you have an animal companion and what his or her name is. Those who don't have animal companions must simply say what animals mean to them. It's a simple rule, but it helps to eliminate spammers or those with certain agendas.

PLEASE remember we do not allow unsupported blog postings that are intended as attacks on any groups or individuals. This is a place for communication about animal-welfare issues and not one-sided agendas. is a community-networking site. If you wish to advertise a product or service please contact our advertising department at (505) 995-3846. Profiles that are overtly commercial can be removed.

We continue to be plagued by Spammers. Those interested in becoming members, please sign up, but also email to assure acceptance. Sorry of the inconvenience.

Blog Posts

Zimmer Foundation is now the Zimmer Feline Foundation

Just in case you haven't noticed -- over the past few months we've been using a slightly different name for our foundation -- Zimmer Feline Foundation.  It's a subtle change but one that more depicts who we are and what we do.  And -- it also is the last step in transitioning from a Michigan corporation (where we worked with cats from 2000-2009 to a New Mexico corporation where we've been working with cats since 2010.  To read more:…


Posted by Kitty Zimmer on April 13, 2014 at 12:26pm — 1 Comment

Our PennyBaby

Tuesday morning we had the veterinarian come to the house to put our precious PennyBaby to sleep.  She had been part of our lives for 14 years,,,She was a young adult when we adopted her from the Las Vegas Animal shelter.   She had developed diabetes, then Cushing's Disease, then liver cancer, And during the…


Posted by Geri Aron on April 11, 2014 at 1:58pm — 1 Comment


Posted by Sloan Cunningham on April 10, 2014 at 9:30am

UPDATE on the Santa Fe Lost Pet Alert email list

I am reposting this for new Scoop members who may not be aware of this email list and to UPDATE the email address.


 We have had so many success stories with the wonderful group of people who have chosen yo join our alert!

Here is my original posting, please join the list, it is so helpful to have so many pairs of open eyes out in our community!


In 2010, I started up a lost pet alert for Santa Fe. The email address to join the list…


Posted by Claudia Inoue on April 10, 2014 at 7:20am

Posted by Donna on April 6, 2014 at 10:31am


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