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I heard 3 times in the last few weeks only of big packs of coyotes sighting and attacking!
The first I heard of was on the Windsor trail, the woman's little dog got biten by a coyote, but her bigger dog came to the defense and a pack of about 30 followed them down about a mile to the parking lot and showed no fear!

On the Borego Trail I heard another attack happened and a little Dachshund was carried off right from under the owner's feet.

I had just enjoyed the Big Tesuque with 3 dogs when I heard of the 3. incident and now I am really worried. My little guy weighs less then 14 lbs seems very vulnerable.

Are we having more Coyote encounters then usual? What is one to do? Pepper spray seems too close for comfort a defense tool. God-dess forbid I will ever have to use a stick to defend a dog. A thought of mine is going up, out and about in larger packs. But try coordinate anything with Santa Feans! What do you think? Any suggestions?

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When I moved from Santa Fe to RI. I had many Coyotes that would pass my house to the Arroyo.
Now in RI. we have many Coyotes. It is amazing. Why is that? Well, I feel that we humans are moving them off their land. We are putting up more and more houses. Years ago they never had Coyotes here, well we have them now.

You are making a good point. So how do we deal with them, non-violently? How do I protect my dogs?
It is a great question. I do not know. I know when I go out with my little dogs, Shih-Tzu I have to watch them like hawks. It isn't easy.
What is the answer. I guess there isn't an answer. What can we do. We have an over population of humans, thus an over population of Coyotes .
I hope your little dogs will be protected.

Thank you for your well wishes.
Last night at the dog park I was told of a little dog going off with the coyotes - and coming back!
Now that is weird!!!
At the dog park I also came upon a man that walks his two good size dogs with 3 defense tools: Pepper spray and something that can simulate a bite on close encounter and I think a stick! His young dog was attacked down in the arroyo of the park by a sudden approaching older, bigger, stronger dog and he had to get inbetween and defend his dog.

On Irvine Street I have come across a man who seems to walk his dog with a stick most often, for the purpose of defense.
I always look forward to morning walks with my dog Angel and I usually carry a small camera in hopes of capturing pictures our neighborhood coyotes who, on occasion, follow us at a distance. We have never experienced any signs of aggression but my dog is always on leash when we walk. A dog running free might experience a totally different relationship.
On our walks I worry much more about encountering other dogs running off leash than the coyotes. I carry a small canister of citronella spray (available at some pet supply stores in town) called DIRECT STOP. I have never had to use it so I can't verify its' effectiveness. I just think I would feel better using this over a pepper spray or a stick if needed.
Thank you for the hint with citronella. While I use essential oils myself liberally, I kinda doubt that in the heat of the moment citronella would avert an attack, but I sure will keep it in mind. As regards to on-leash walking we do this in town a lot, and just got back with me carrying my camera, but going up the mountain, the delight my dogs get in running freely through the woods comes nothing close to our regular leashed walks. My two are just ecstatic and I hate to deprive them of more of such experiences, but I have been afraid ever since I heard of the 2. and then 3. report this time quoting 40 coyotes in a pack! 2 of the reports came to me 'from the horse's mouth' so to say, so I have no reason to believe they were exaggerated. Are you putting your images on flickr? There is a Santa Fe group that I am sure would be delighted to see the results of your dog walks. This is a link (I hope) to my sets taken mostly during walks with my dogs:
Enjoy this wonderful day!
I went to your link! Your pictures are so beautiful... Such talent.

Aleta and her crew


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