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Meet Beauregard, an 8 month old black male Labrador retriever.  As small puppies, Beau and his sister Maggie were left by a pond, starving and sick with little chance of surviving.  The family that found them decided they needed a chance, gave them the vet care they needed combined with a huge dose of love and now they are two very happy, healthy pups.  From Beau and Maggie’s current foster we get the following update:
These guys are really great. They are super in their crates and run back to them readily. No food aggression or dog aggression at all. They are happy and fun loving and love to play. Maggie was initially more shy and reserved, but she has worked through that. Beau is a bit more outgoing. Both are fine with cats. Maggie is a bit interested, but I think that it is curiosity more than anything. She will come to you when called. They are happy little guys...and both love to snuggle. They like the outdoors, but are not accustomed to being outside for long periods of time. They probably would not do well if left outside even with other dogs initially - especially with the cold. They seem fine in the house and are house trained. They do let you know when they need to go out. They love attention and are very friendly.
If you are interested in meeting Beau call (505) 362-0331.

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