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Confessions of a animal trainer...the tools in my trainers box.

I am a science based trainer. No hocus pocus, no intimidation. I do not balance dogs chakras or whisper in their ears, except occasionally, when I feel I must ask dogs to be patient with handlers until the handler can catch up to the dog.

My list of foundation behaviors every rescued dog should be taught by the handler immediately is this...these are the tools in my tool box for a basic manners class.

Automatic Eye Contact...especially in conditions the dogs finds… Continue

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Off-leash blog: Coming to terms with a harsh reality

I’m the first to admit that I’m somewhat naive and gullible.

During my sojourn in Arctic Alaska, I didn’t realize until the snow had melted that some of my shortcuts crossed rivers and part of the ocean. Or that sometimes people -- including elders -- drink Listerine to get an alcoholic rush.

When I got my black Labrador Krista, we explored that northern landscape with a vengeance. Krista the puppy discovered the joys of dead fish and odd critters, and I discovered the saving grace of… Continue

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Story: Building trust with your fingers

Tellington TTouch helps heal, correct behavioral issues

It’s the touch that some say has changed the nature of human-animal relationships.

The simple circular motions known as the Tellington TTouch appears to work miracles in behavioral issues in animals from snakes to Shih Tzus and has created an international movement.

And it’s all based on developing trust.

Animal expert Linda Tellington-Jones, who will lead a demonstration of the technique April 12 in Santa Fe,… Continue

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Story: A time for blessings

Animal advocates gather to celebrate the recovery of a remarkable dog and those who helped make it happen

They came to honor a dog that’s experienced the worst and best of his community.

And in so doing, they were honored.

“I see a lot of animal faces in human form,” Jane Davis, director of HOPE-HOWSE, a group that works with inmates, told a crowded room of animal advocates on Wednesday’s Brave Gus Day at Heart of Lotus… Continue

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Donate your unwanted books to benefit the Santa Fe Animal Shelter

We have an ongoing book sale here at our business to benefit the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society.

If you have any unwanted books in good shape, please feel free to bring them by as a donation for the shelter. They will be displayed here for our customers to browse through. Feel free to look at the books we have already as you drop off your donation.

We have had great success raising money for the shelter!

PLEASE: No… Continue

Added by Claudia Inoue on March 25, 2008 at 7:30pm — 2 Comments

A special day for a brave dog

Brave Gus Day pays tribute to animal advocates Two years ago, Lazlo Lazowska spotted a pair of stray dogs on her then-property near Madrid. Skittish and feral, the dogs stayed away from Lazowska, so she went about her business, sometimes leaving food and water for them.

Eventually, the black dog grew friendly and then stopped visiting, most likely adopted by a neighbor, Lazowska said. But the tan-and-white one was always on the periphery,… Continue

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Off-leash blog: A pack of our own choosing

I can’t think of a time when animals didn’t play an important role in my life. I’m not sure when they became significant for me; it seems that’s the way it’s always been. My grandmother loved to tell a story about when I disappeared one day while my siblings and I were at her house. No one could find me until they looked in the dog’s kennel, and there I was, cuddling with her dog.

I have no recollection of this event, although there used to be a photo of a child they say is me sticking his… Continue

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Story: Ready to hop into your hearts

Rabbits can be great companions long after the holiday’s over

They’re playful, adorable and look just like stuffed animals. But owning a real rabbit means making a lifetime commitment to the pet, according to rescue groups and animal shelters.

“People need to be prepared to have them for about 10 years,” says Mark Young, adoption supervisor at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society. “I would say there’s a sense of independence to them — it’s not like having a… Continue

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Oatmeal Cheese Dog Biscuit Treats

here's the recipe a friend sent and our doggies love it. i get as many organic ingredients as possible (Vitamin Cottage has all ingredients). i roll out the dough directly on the greased cookie sheet, & cut it into different size squares with a pizza cutter. i did the cookie cutter and other methods for awhile, but it was too much work---pizza cutter made it so easy and fast! i also bought a used kitchen aid mixer with a dough hook specifically for doggie treats. Our dogs are nuts for… Continue

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Baking for the kids

In January, our dog Nita became ill with stomach problems. We finally narrowed the cause down to certain treats made in China. To make a long story short, I started baking my own dog biscuits. They are a HUGE hit with our dogs as well as everyone else's that I have given samples to. I am giving them away daily at work to our customers and have gotten rave reviews (We own Toy Auto Man on Airport Road) Here is the recipe....I find…


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Story: Soothing the (domesticated) beast

The lights are dimmed. The music is soft and undulating, seeping into the subconscious. The yogis take to their mats, quietly settling into position. Xena places one paw over the other, assuming the lotus position. A moment of silence ensues.

Wait a yogic minute. Paws?

That’s right — this yoga class has gone to the dogs.

Doga, a unique form of dog training inspired by classic yoga moves, is meant to deepen the bond between canine and… Continue

Added by Ben Swan on March 16, 2008 at 12:04am — 2 Comments

Off-leash blog: Weighing in on the true value of pets

There’s no disputing the positive power of pets. Time and time again, research has shown pets reduce stress, provide comfort and give us a sense of security.

But what are pets, really? Creatures of convenience? Nonsentient beings that can be easily exchanged based on the latest trend? A fashion statement?

Cerrillos animal behaviorist Deborah Schildkraut once told me a story about her involvement with an animal-rescue group. A dog had been placed with a family for some time, but the… Continue

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my dog is smart

The other night, my daughter brought her corgi Amadeus upstairs and was all ready to take a shower and get to bed. She told me "Ami has been out for the night" and I took her at her word. Well about 5 minutes later, Amadeus starts making cute little barky bark sounds and grrr noises at me. I think, OH! you want to play, so i find one of his squeaky toys and throw it for him to catch. He just looks at me like why did you do that? So I think maybe he wanted his OTHER toy, and I toss that one to… Continue

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no more chat room

After not posting on the SFNM chat room for a few days, I realized my mood is better and I feel considerably less discouraged. Reading the drivel posted by the few haters really changed the tone and tenor of the place: No longer fun or light hearted, just hate filled spew put up there by uneducated mother hating morons. Bye bye to them.

Added by JB on March 12, 2008 at 10:56am — 8 Comments

Om's Musings

As a very recent 'dog-custodian' I am really very glad to have a forum to discuss issues and concerns, trials and tribulations, victories and not the least cute and funny images that are the result of sharing our lives with our canine buddies.

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Story: A bond that transcends

Service dogs work hard to give disabled owners a sense of independence

Morgan looks like a typical golden retriever. Come to the door, and he’ll greet you with a toy or kitchen towel, wagging his tail. The dog is quick to sniff out amiable pups and human pals. But once he puts on his vest, he’s all business.

For the past six years, this service dog has been the constant companion of Alice Lee, picking up things she’s dropped,… Continue

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Off-leash blog: Unleashing the secret life of toys

Zach loves his toys.

On a recent shopping binge, I couldn’t resist bringing home a box of stuffed animals for dogs: a skunk, a hedgehog and a duck.

In spite of the manufacturer’s promise that the animals look realistic, there’s no doubt these critters are stuffed. But hidden in wads of padding is a sound device that offers “real animal sounds.” The duck quacks, the hedgehog titters and the skunk makes an odd high-pitched tee-hee noise. I haven’t done the research, but I have to trust… Continue

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Confessions of a animal trainer...

I will get it out of the way, I am a animal trainer, it is what I do for a living, and ...really, the animals are pretty good at training humans! So mostly, I train people to train their animals and build a more successful relationship with their animals.

My personal goal is to build a healthier, more knowledgeable dog culture in Santa Fe. This is a fabulously compassionate city and it is fabulously ignorant about what constitutes normal canine behavior. And there is not much for… Continue

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"Isaac's Fund"

Helen Larson and Mary Van Ness were introduced to me through DotFoil Computer Services. My friend Jason, one of the primary computer nerds there (but a VERY CUTE computer nerd -- I always imagine he'd make a great son-in-law) told me about two women that were desperate to have a simple website built. When he told me they were a small not-for-profit and were developing a pet memorial park, I knew I'd meet them to see how I could help. Well, to make a long story shorter, once I met them we… Continue

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Gayle's tribute to Isaac

Two days after I let Isaac go, one of my best friends ever (Gayle in Las Cruces) sent the following poem to me. I couldn't read it through the first time. It took a few attempts to get through the whole thing, because she NAILED it. It's true, she had never met him, but she knew him nonetheless.


Although I never met him I feel I knew him well,

That little goat called Isaac, from tales that Cindy tells.

How he came to be a member of the… Continue

Added by CindyR on March 6, 2008 at 7:42am — 1 Comment

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