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Something I have to tell you

In my last blog I told you that I had been back to school and am now an official Assistance Dog of the West. Judith said I passed my tests with "flying colors", but what she didn't tell you was that before I could pass my final test I had to walk through a group of pigeons on the Plaza. Well, I hate pigeons so I balked and was stubborn as a mule. No way was I going through that group. Why should I when it made much more sense to go around them!

Judith gave up - or so I thought! But…


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Saw Pepper this morning on Apache Rd in Casa Alegre...he ran right past my house in Pueblo Alegre...he, of course, would not come near me.  He's thin but moving quickly...poor guy!!!

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I want to contact with diabetic dog owners

Our 11 year old PennyBaby has recently been daignosed with diabetes.

We are having a terrible time adjusting her food, insulin.  Too much of the time her urine tests way too high. We are feeding her Royal Canin diabetic dog food which we get through our vet. I know each case is different but I would like to hear from other diabetic dog owners.  You can call me at 438 0738 or answer this blog...thanks in advance...geri aron

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Beau has been found!

UPDATE: Beau is safe and secure! The foster parents put up posters around Los Alamos this weekend and got two calls Monday morning about the lost dog. He apparently raced back to the foster parent's backyard and they were able to secure him by shutting the gate. He's eating well and his original foster…


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Ladybug Needs a Home

Hi Everyone!


 I am new to this board but not new to pet guardianship! We currently have four dogs who bring immense joy and constant opportunities to learn into our lives. But I am writing today about another dog. This is Ladybug:

She has been at the Santa Fe Humane Society for a really long time. I know because I check every week to see if she has…


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Back to school

After six years with Judith and Philippe, Judith told me that she needed help and we would join the Self-Training Program sponsored by Assistance Dogs of the West.This program teaches people to train their personal dog (remember, I was a pet) to learn assistance dog commands and appropriate (I love big words) behavior in public spaces. It was a several month program and we met once-a-week starting in a classroom, moving to shopping malls and, finally, into outdoor spaces.

I remembered…


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Lost my Yorkie 11/16/11-desparately trying to find him

On 11/16/11 I lost my best friend, my 5-6lb little Yorkie. His name is Bodhi and he wasn't wearing his tags. He got out of my car while it was parked near Palace and Grant Avenues and I was in the city building establishing new residence here. I miss him terribly and my soul is lost without him .He is tiny but has tall legs. His hair was just cut short. He has little ears that stand up erect. He tends to tear at the eyes. He is shy but fast on his feet! He is loving and rarely barks. Please…


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Lost Chihuahua!

Help us find this poor little girl!

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 Buttercup was last seen 3/8/2012 at her home in South Santa Fe (Dinosaur Trail area - south of I-25, east of Cerrillos). Buttercup is a spayed & immunized female, buff/orange & white shorthair tabby, 5 yrs. old, about 8 lbs. She wears a turquoise quick-release reflective collar with a tag that has her…


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COMPASSION in ACTION: a presentation on Trap Free New Mexico

On Sunday, March 25, from 12:30 to 1:30 pm, Phil Carter of Animal Protection of New Mexico will be at Tibetan Buddhist Center to speak about the mission and work of Trap Free New Mexico, a coalition of conservation and animal welfare groups who oppose the cruel, damaging, and dangerous practice of trapping in New Mexico.…


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Pepper on Pacheco by Coca-Cola

sighting of Pepper this morning at 8:15 by one of my co-workers at Pacheco by CocaCola. Glad to hear he is still around!

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I have been sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. Judith took me to the vet and he said I had allergies. I thought only humans had allergies! It's a bummer because my nose keeps dripping and I can't reach the kleenex.

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Kizzy is home, safe and sound!

Great news, everyone! Kizzy is back, safe and sound, although she’s lost about half her weight. Kizzy went missing Feb. 23 when she got spooked in a new neighborhood after slipping out through an open door.

Sandy, Kizzy’s owner, was frantic and enlisted the help of the community to find the…


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Dreamer is missing, REWARD is being offered to anyone who can help bring her home.

Dreamer is a female pitbull, she went missing on 3/12/12 from the

Anasazi Apartments off of Airport Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She is 9 weeks old and has not received any of her shots yet. I have

posted fliers around town for her. She has a black coat…


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Maybe it was me!

About 10 years ago, maybe you saw me walking around the Plaza with other dogs and our trainers (I loved being with them).We had to do several commands like "go", "stop", "wait".When I heard "up", I had to put my front paws on a bench and then jump up.Those benches are kind of narrow and it was hard.My trainer gave…


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Pet Foster Parent Training

Fostering is a great way to help out a homeless pet without the time or financial commitment of having a permanent pet. The Espanola Valley Humane Society places nearly 1,000 animals into foster care each year, and foster parents are crucial to our ability to save lives. We especially need foster homes for 2-week periods in April and May (but also throughout the summer) for small breed dogs, puppies and kittens. The shelter covers all medical expenses and provides food while these little…


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Chutney's Lost Blog

My good friend and computer wiz came over to help me with my blogging, hit a wrong key and voila (I speak a little french), lost the blog telling about my family and me! But, I understand that to err is human.

When I was a puppy I went to Assistance Dogs of the West (ADW) to be trained as a service dog. I was a good student and learned almost 90 commands. The problem: I was very timid. After class all the other puppies played and had a good time. Why was I so shy and afraid to join…


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Lost Dog Tina

Please help me find Tina. She slipped out of her collar at the Agora in Eldorado Santa Fe on March 8. She was spotted south of there a few hours later. We have been driving trying to find her for two days. She is a medium sized mixed terrier with one blue eye and one brown eye. She is very skittish, but if you see her, please feed her and give her water and call me at 858-583-1223 or email at
Please help us find our dog!!

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This little girl needs some help

Last week, I received the following email via my Lost Dog Alert (

Ouisa Needs Help! The attached picture is Ouisa (pronounced "Weeza"). We found her limping down…


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