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Help Bambi get his FHO surgery!


Bambi was adopted from the Espanola Valley Humane Society, and when the adoption didn't work out, he came back to us this year. But unfortunately, this guy needs an FHO surgery due to injuries sustained some time in the past. With the help of Luvin' Labs, we are trying to raise the funds to get this guy…


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Sighting of a dog on the run!

About 6:30 PM Easter Sunday on Romero Street, a little brown dog with ears sticking up, could easily be mistaken as a bunny from afar, dodged oncoming anybody (people, cars, dogs) and headed towards Aqua Fria. Every time he got sight of me it ran like hell! Sure hope this dog finds it's home before it is met with any harm.

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"Free to a Good Home:" An Invitation for Animal Abuse


"Free to a Good Home:" An Invitation for Animal Abuse

Many online sites do not allow people to post animals available to adopt for free. Why is…


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Saving on cost of our humanity

"If this makes you as angry as it has made me, call the governor's office and tell him you think this bill makes a mockery of the democratic process: 573-751-32­22"

(One HP commentator)




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Nekida needs a ride to Fur & Feathers

Nekida will go to Fur and Feathers, Dahtal, NM for now. 

Laurie Beaucamp has agreed to take her, run her with an appropriate dog-pack for fun, exercise and rehabilitation.  This girl will make someone a wonderful dog, but she needs to have the correct program for her age and level of energy.  Laure said she has a red-nosed, white, staffy boy for her to play with!!

Las Vegas city shelter has sent dogs with similar needs, and they have flourished.  Though we were able to…


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Astrology for Animals and Humans

To All good Dog and Cat (and Horse, Goat, Bird, Lizard, Snake, Ferret, and Other Amazing Creatures) Companion Humans, I have gotten the message from Maeve and Other Heavenly Animals in High to offer astrology charts for enlightened animals and their good humans. A big portion of this financial exchange will go toward "The Maeve Fund" veterinary treatment for rescue animals. Also, I really want to give back. Your kindness around Maeve's passing has been life affirming for me. I have been a…


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Puppy People in Need

To All Doggy People, Ed and James are an important part of Las Vegas Independent Rescue. They foster puppies and small dogs until the dogs are shipped…


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Aloysius Makes The Big Time

Please see Aloysius’ enchanting mug in the front page, yes, THE FRONT PAGE, of The New Mexican today,Thursday April 14, 2011. Aloysius, due to his humble and refined character, took his new status of fame with gratitude yet perplexity. He certainly is not used to a life of fortune, up until now. The human, however, is really excited. This exposure could bring to Aloysius his true adoring human! Thank you so much Ben. Aloysius is being boarded at Braemarr Kennels, 906 Old Las Vegas…


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Yesterday the House and Senate introduced the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act!

April 13, 2011
Congressmen Luján and…

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March 23 to April 13 - 3 weeks for Nekida

Nekida is 3-weeks in kenneling now, she is alive, fed, medically vetted, and cared for in the basic ways.  She is also nervous and depressed in the kennel environment.  So what do we do?  How long can she stay there? Transport to possible other rescue organizations is a logistics nightmare.  Some other Pit specific rescues require a huge intake sum.  Some have not bothered to respond.  Others, though willing, may not actually have the space/set up for a large, young and energetic…


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Boy looks for lost lamb

Jacinto Martin, 12, is a hard-working 4-H kid from Nambe who saved up $800 over the last two years to buy two well-bred lambs to show at the county fair this summer. Over the weekend, strong winds blew open their barn doors and loose neighborhood dogs got into the lamb pens. One lamb, a little male, was torn up but lived. The other, a little female, escaped and took off through the hills. The family tracked her to the little Nambe bridge where tire and human tracks mixed with hers. They…


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Plague cases in pets reported in Santa Fe County

The New Mexico Department of Health's Scientific Laboratory Division this

week confirmed a case of plague in a dog in Santa Fe County just east of the

Santa Fe city limits and has confirmed animal plague cases in another dog

from Santa Fe County just west of the Santa Fe city limits and in a cat from

Rio Arriba County near Abiuqui, according to a health department news


The cases are the first to be reported in 2011, the release said.

All the animal… Continue

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Help On All Levels!

Hello folks,

Dew Paws Rescue is a small shop with a few dedicated volunteers and other independent rescue folks who band together to try and do good work.  Right now we are glutted and poor, just like most of you (I guess) and really need to reach out for support on a few specific actions.

Action #1 Help Get Nekida to Phoenix AZ.  We found a wonderful foster/trainer who is in the PX area.  If we are to start that program for this dog, we… Continue

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Found today, Tuesday, 4/12/12 at appx. 3:00 PM on Nine Mile Road, Sun Lit Hills area, right near a poster for a missing Coonhound, but there is no answer at the posted phone number.  She is wearing a turquoise collar, no tags, very friendly.  She is fine and in good spirits.


Please call 505-316-1005

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Jax's Sweet Face

Here is Jax's headshot. Just the nicest boy. Smart, yet innocent. Also crate, house, leash trained. The thinker of the two boys. Ode is more the mover but in a loving and considerate manner. Jax may be a Capricorn, more deliberate and careful, yet loving also. More bio info later. Just wanted you all to gaze into his soulful eyes.… Continue

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In Honor of Maeve's Precious Life

I am posting Las Vegas dogs that deserve love and life for humans that deserve the depth and breadth of love that only the wisdom of the animal kingdom can give them. Namaste and Woofs, Maureen

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Ode and Jax, Two boys in Trouble

Ode and Jax are two young and handsome Staffordshire Terriers (Actually Jax is half Black Lab) that are about to loose their safe haven. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the rescue facility that they live in must relocate. These dogs need to find a new rescue, foster, or adopter this week. Ode and Jax came from a high kill shelter that is overcrowded. Because of their breed, they would not live long if returned. Both of these young male dogs are loving and friendly. Both are crate, leash,…


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Genius Chihuahua Needs Serious Relationship


Tuck is a 2 year old black and tan Chihuahua, maybe Min-Pin, mix. He is alert, very loyal, incredibly smart, and Clark Gable handsome. ( An ordered yet dashing look.) Tuck is a complex character. He desires and deserves an ongoing and aware relationship. He is not really a "pet". He asks for understanding and soul searching of his real human. He will not flower as a"cute little dog". As his foster human for past three months, I have learned a lot from Tuck. I have learned about…


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Please Read New Animal Amendment

Whether you live in Bernalillo or Belen, Albuquerque or Abiquiu, the proposed amendments to the Bernalillo Animal Care Ordinance have the potential to impact every county across the state.  Let Bernalillo lawmakers KNOW you fiercely support…

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