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Little Dog Lost

Lost from senior housing on Luisa Street on May 25 -- "Zen" is a 10 lb Maltese male, short beige curly coat, red collar and tags. Very friendly. He broke free from leash and wandered off.  Please call if you see him -- 501-5036 or 474-6474. Thank you.…


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Poodle and Poodle-mixes, Some Seniors, at ABQ E/W Side shelters.

There are several poodle and poodle mixes in the ABQ shelters right now.  Some of them are seniors.  I will post a list of them, some do not have pictures.  The W & E side shelters are SLAMMED and may have to "create space" for more dogs coming in.  Please take what you can.  If YOU want to foster one of these poodle/mixes, DPR will sponsor that dog for medical vetting and adoption; or contact Kerry Molnar…


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From Chablis: Memorial Day breakfast

This is a special day and Judith and Philippe were relaxing at the table when Judith dropped her napkin. I quickly went to "get it" (without even being asked!!) and got a little treat. Chutney, who observes everything, then went to Judith and pulled the napkin from her lap. Then Chutney nudged Judith to give it back  Everyone laughed and Chutney got a little treat.

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Placement Class: First Day

We got to school at 9:30 and Sue, our professional trainer. talked about the 90 commands. How can I remember 90? Then I realized I would only have to remember the commands important for Judith.

The other dogs in the class are Angel and Toby. I like them. We all take turns doing commands. The hardest for me is "leave it". Sue put some kibbles on the floor and I had to walk right by. No sniffing!  I love "kiss" because Judith kisses me back.

I was so tired when we got home at…


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Last big push to catch Pepper!

Hi everyone, as many of you know, Pepper, a German shepherd-Shar pei mix, took off from his new owner in mid-December off West Alameda near North El Rancho Road. He stayed in that neighborhood for weeks, eluding everyone's effort to catch him. He eventually changed his routine and has now made a regular habit of hiding/traveling the arroyos and finding food at various places around Santa Fe. He is street-wise, clever, and steers clear of all people, even those who worked with him closely…


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Chablis: Lots of changes

Most important: I am living permanently with Judith, Philippe and Chutney. Judith signed a piece of paper and that was that. Puppy Raising Class was over and I' m ready for the next challenge. During the next two weeks Judith and I will be in "Placement Class" from 9:00am to 5:00pm (I think there is time for lunch and I can always find a few minutes for a cat-nap. Wonder why a nap is named for a cat!). At the end of two weeks, if I pass my exams, I will have my assistance dog license. Then I…


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Circus with Animal Abuse Violations Comes to Albuquerque

Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus is coming to Albuquerque.  It was orginally going to be in Rio Rancho at Santa Ana Star Casino but authorities there put a stop to it after they realized the circus had animal abuse violations and it would violate city animal ordinances.

Expo New Mexico stepped in and said they'd host the circus, and KOAT reported today that Expo NM has gotten more phone calls for the circus than against it so they see it as a positive move.  If you'd…


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Thank you for the pool Claudia!

Big sloppy kisses from Tzul!  It's a perfect fit!


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From Chablis: Thunder

It's pretty funny: the minute Chutney hears thunder she goes into a closet, under a desk or on the couch. I think the noise is exciting and I'm not scared at all. That's one of the few things where we are like night and day. Speaking of which, we heard alot about the eclipse, but were not allowed on the portal to see it. Something about our eyes. It really wouldn't have mattered because all I do when I'm on the portal is close my eyes and sleep. 

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New Mexican voter information -- animal welfare perspective

From an email I received for New Mexican voters.    Be sure to vote June 5th --- the animals need your vote. 



"Dear Friends of the Animals,

Primary Day in New Mexico is Tuesday, June 5th.  Early voting and absentee voting began on May 8th and continue until June 2nd at County Clerk’s Offices.   Additional early voting sites open on May 19th and stay open until June 2nd.  We are sending you this e-mail to provide information…


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From Chablis:More about my name

I want to write a little more about my name. As you know, I was originally named Vicki, but Judith and Philippe wanted a French name .If they had decided to call me Cherie or Fi-Fi, I wouldn't have liked it, but I've heard those names before. But, Chablis...what's that all about? Well now I understand. Chablis is a fine wine that comes from Chablis, a little town in Northern Burgundy .It is, I hear, quite delicious.

Anyway when I went to Whole Foods I met Jackson in the wine…


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Lost Terrier Mix!







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Please Help Us Find Ninja!!

His Name is Ninja, and he is an all black short haired cat about 1 1/2 years old. He is wearing a blue, green and black patterned collar and is very sweet. He will come when called and is great with people, dogs, and other cats. He went missing last night in Eldorado near Ave Vista Grande and Ave De Compadres. Our other two cats got out as well but we found them in front of a neighbor's house across the street so I am hoping he did not go too far. I have raised him since he was only a couple…


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Beloved Lost Dog

Huan, our special and loved retriever/Mastiff mix, was lost at midnight while on a walk in Jacona.  Specifically, he was last seen at the corner of County Road 84 and Jacona Road.  He is very gentle, beautiful, and greatly missed.  He had a collar with two identification tags on, and it was secure.  He likes to chase skunks.  He is a neutered male, approximately 10-11 years old.  PLEASE call…


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I went to the Assistance Dogs of the West graduation last night. It was the best ever. Ali McGraw narrated (that's a big word for me) a beautiful film.Then the students, who helped train the dogs, presented them to their new owners.

Everybody cried. …


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Health issues force rehoming for precious Lab mix

Molly, a 2-year-old Labrador retriever mix, was abandoned as a puppy and left to fend for herself on public lands. Luckily, a couple out on a walk saved Molly and her sibling literally from the jaws of coyotes. Now she needs a new home.

Molly’s loving human companions are forced to give her up because of…


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From Chablis

Chutney is right. I have learned lots of commands, but life is not a bed of roses.The command I don't like is "front". An example: I am in the super-market and have to lie parallel to the shelves while Judith gets whatever it is she needs. It's no fun! I want to look at the shelves and see if there is something I want!  But, I do as I am told and that makes me happy.

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Please Help Us Find Our 6-month old Mini-Dachshund Louie

Please Help Us Find Louie


Male  Puppy  6 months old


Date Lost:         May 14, 2012, 1:30 p.m.

Location:            Highway 68, between Dixon and Rio Grande Gorge Visitor Center, about…


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