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Yak or Bison, who's the boss?

from the madrid chile festival, aug. 30. 2008

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Off-leash blog: In search of love's magic wand

In the ’60s, a simple answer was offered to almost every question: more love.

But when it comes to troubled companion animals, is love enough?

This is a question I’ve been mulling around in the five weeks or so that we’ve been fostering a timid rescue dog. Bear has made significant strides in coming out of her shell-shocked self, but will she ever be a part of the family? Will she ever come when called, respond with trust instead of fear or snuggle when we need an… Continue

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Off-leash blog: What to avoid in Denver if you're a dog

A dog in Denver awaits his doom. His crime? Wrong breed.

Forrest, according to news accounts, is an affable dog who roamed across Denver city lines for the second time in three months. He’s been at the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter since July, quietly awaiting his fate.

Animal-rights activists, on the other hand, have been anything but. City officials have been receiving e-mails and letters in support of Forrest from throughout the world. Several e-mail petitions are… Continue

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Morgan's blog: Canine Olympics

Welcome to Morgan’s blog. Alice types and I dictate. Lately my humans have been talking and watching the Olympics.

Well, I just want to say, what about dog Olympics?

Can you swim like a dog, Michael Phelps? Retrieve? Sniff out all kinds of information from pee-mail? Do agility trials?
Dance? Help your human partner when she’s in trouble?

I protest the anti-dog Olympics. Fastest dog in the world … Highest jumper … All around… Continue

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Books, anyone?


Our book sale here at TOY AUTO MAN, benefiting the Santa Fe Animal Shelter, has been going well so we are now once again accepting books that you may want to donate to be sold here.

Please keep in mind that 100% of all the money raised goes directly to the shelter, we have no overhead here.

People have been so wonderfully generous, it's been a joy to host this benefit sale and it will be ongoing as long as TOY AUTO MAN is here, which will hopefully be many… Continue

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Santa Fe Dog Park Blog

Yesterday under the influences of an Aquarian Full Moon, I created a blog for the Santa Fe Dog Park that links with the Santa Fe Dog Park Flickr Photo stream and Group:


-yahoo ID: santafedogpark

-yahoo e-mail:

-password: bestforus

-blog sign in:

-flickr photo stream

-flickr group:…

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Off-leash blog: Canine capers the stuff of dreams

I guess you could say the change started when I reached for my cup of coffee one morning and found Bear’s face. This black dog was likely taking her first sip ever of Kona blend.

But maybe the biggest hint that our foster dog was finally coming out of her shell happened a few nights earlier when we heard a crunching sound from the corner of our bedroom. At first we thought Bear had discovered the rawhide toy we had left for her: the… Continue

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Off-leash blog: Vicious attack spurs dog trainer to action

Astro is an affable Shar-Pei with an impressive résumé. He’s been in movies, worked as a therapy dog, has training as a service dog, volunteered in schools and nursing homes, and is bilingual.

Most importantly, he’s been Heidi Kingsbury’s best buddy for more than seven years.

But Astro is no longer the dog he once was. He’s hesitant to go on walks, suffers from a staph infection and has a skin disease that will not… Continue

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Morgan's blog: Roughing it

Greetings and salutations,fellow canines and their two legged readers!

Some dogs, and some cats too, don’t like thunder. Doesn’t bother me. But lately I have been getting anxious when I go for car rides. Alice and Wayne and all their dog advisor friends are stumped. I can’t tell them, so they have to figure out what do about it. Or they can continue to leave me behind like they have been doing lately.

This past weekend we traveled in this big boxy contraption called a… Continue

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A Typical Day In The Life Of Dusty- The Leash Cat

We'll it's 5 AM and I'm sitting on my kitty perch , it's still dark out, Hark what do I hear ...My favorite sound , it's the birds......Let me jump down to my favorite chair and see if Joe my trusted friend and owner is up yet ? Hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder, let's see ...Rats !, he's still sleeping ! Let me see if I jump from the rocking chair onto the bed and pounce on him, just maybe he'll get the message.....As I move myself wiggling my rear and… Continue

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" cats On The Leash " Santa Fe New Mexican


Hi Everyone:

Dusty was in the paper this week, check out the article on thei site titled:
" Cats On The Leash."


Added by Joseph Frank Baraba on August 3, 2008 at 7:30am — 2 Comments

Off leash: Coaxing dogs from out of shadows

Somewhere inside Bear is a dog that isn’t afraid of the dark, unexpected noises or chain-link fences. Somewhere in that mass of canine cerebellum is a dog that knows what a biscuit is, that an outstretched hand is not an attack and a stuffed toy is not a weapon.

But for now Bear, once known as Velvet during her days at The Animal Support Center in Las Vegas, N.M., is trapped in the cycle of her neurosis, fearful of everything, mistrustful of everyone.

And for now, she’s in… Continue

Added by Ben Swan on August 3, 2008 at 12:27am — 7 Comments

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