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Finally Friday and.....

Well it is finally Friday and I go to pick up the hubby at midday. I think the critters will be happy to have him back. I notice with one of us gone it disrupts the basic routine they have taught us. Oh make no mistake about it, "our routines" are basically guided by them. Not much different than with children I suspect. But the animals really do stick with routine and seem to be the most comfortable with a routine.

I read an article yesterday about animals and OCD, and that yes they… Continue

Added by Lisa on October 31, 2008 at 7:56am — 5 Comments

More of my furkids antics.....

The critters.... ah life is better with pets, or so some would say. I might be inclined to agree most days. It's been an adventure since hubby left on his trip last Sunday. For starters, the dogs, who mostly love to be around the hubby more, are behaving much better when he's gone. And actually want to be around me. Lil'Shit is probably the most clingiest lately. I know he's losing his hearing and you have to get his attention either by a loud sharp noise or visually to get him to do… Continue

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Life is better with pets? LOL

Mornings with my crew of cats can be interesting. At least 2 of them insist on being on the counter, and Yum usually underfoot. I don't understand how a cat could have this magnetic attraction in his tail to know when to swish it and place it exactly where your foot is coming down! It's a rough way to wake up in the morning..... Needless to say those abrupt and "startling" yowls and screams aren't good for the husband's blood pressure (mine either for that matter) and tends to make him cranky.… Continue

Added by Lisa on October 29, 2008 at 7:21pm — 2 Comments

Off-leash blog: The snarl that says I love you

Canine cuddling has always been a complicated affair at my household.

Our longtime dog, Beta, didn’t much like cuddling but couldn’t stand to see other dogs get any attention. She joined our household when Krista was queen, and although Beta didn’t like second billing, she understood the score and kept her jealousy in check.

When Krista died, Beta ruled the roost with gleeful satisfaction. Visiting dogs would be herded into separate rooms where she could monitor their… Continue

Added by Ben Swan on October 26, 2008 at 12:29am — 5 Comments

Pets are hungry too

Here in Santa Fe, the requests for Food for Families has started. Our local paper, the Santa Fe Reporter, is having a food drive. I spent an hour this week shopping for that and I have a substantial amount of groceries in my trunk to drop off at the Reporter this morning.

What I really wanted to pass on to you is this: My husband Stephen and I are so fortunate that we are NOT hungry. But, we are also fortunate that we can afford to feed our animals as well.

There are… Continue

Added by Claudia Inoue on October 24, 2008 at 8:42am — No Comments

2 Year Anniversary with my Isabella-girl, Schnuggliputz,

October 23. 2008 I lived in canine companionship for a whole 2 years. I picked up my Isabella-girl, Schnuggliputz with great trepidations ( outright fear!) from the shelter. I could not believe I would follow through and would really act on a vague notion of mine that desired more life around me and at least some companionship, that was after the demise of several Beta Fish and my Parakeets persistent turning of their backs to me.

I had been in… Continue

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Off-leash blog: Clovis dog bears mark for life

It’s a mark of shame. And although it did not sear the flesh as a hot branding iron would, the cold branding of a dog has seared the soul of many in the local animal-welfare community.

The dog, whose photo has been circulating through e-mail, is in protective custody at the Clovis Animal Shelter. Police are investigating the owner, although details weren’t available by deadline.

Cold or freeze branding is a chemical procedure,… Continue

Added by Ben Swan on October 19, 2008 at 1:03am — 1 Comment

Morgan's blog: Back in the saddle (so to speak)

I’m back! Howdy-doo all! Alice has had a rough spot of health issues, so I was sort of on vacation. But she’s back to her usual busy self and although we are now going for walkies with her power chair, that’s fine with me.

We get to go fast (mach 4 or 5!) and I know how to walk alongside her chair without getting run over.

She’s a pretty wild driver, but with practice she’s getting better.…


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Off-leash blog: What to do when your kitty roars

It’s true that Zach and I play a little game called “Where’s the kitty?” I pretend there’s a cat under my shirt, and I make what I think are pretty effective cat sounds.

Zach’s crazy about the game, barking and scratching at my shirt until I throw up my arms and show him, indeed, that no cat is hiding there. And then I might do it again, just for fun, to show him how easily he’s fooled. Or is he fooling me?

That said, I love cats. I’m the only one in my family who adopted… Continue

Added by Ben Swan on October 11, 2008 at 11:51pm — 7 Comments

News story: Help feed needy friends

With donations down at many shelters and animal-welfare organizations, two groups are joining forces to help feed furry friends.

Felines & Friends and the Española Humane Society are holding a joint food drive for the month of October. Together they hope to collect 3,500 pounds of food, enough to feed the groups' animals for nine weeks.

Donations are accepted at Petco, Barkin Boutique or at the Española shelter. Call 470-1278 for more information.

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News story: Puppies at risk for parvo

An uptick in cases of a deadly puppy disease has prompted at least one veterinarian clinic to encourage people to make sure their animals are properly vaccinated.

Karen Reyer, a veterinarian technician at Ark Veterinary Hospital, said her office has seen an increase in cases of parvovirus in puppies recently. In the past month, the clinic has treated three to five puppies a week with the disease. Some have died, she said, and some have survived, but the disease is largely… Continue

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News story: Dog poisonings reported near Eldorado

A woman who lives southeast of Santa Fe says her dog was poisoned this week with antifreeze — apparently the third such incident in the area in the last six months.

Valerie Romano, who this month moved from Cloudcroft to a house near the Old Las Vegas Highway, not far from Eldorado, said her 4-year-old border collie, Zoe, wandered off Monday. After she returned that evening, Zoe vomited, was lethargic and fell down some stairs, Romano said. She said Eldorado Animal Clinic… Continue

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