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Zimmer Foundation is now the Zimmer Feline Foundation

Just in case you haven't noticed -- over the past few months we've been using a slightly different name for our foundation -- Zimmer Feline Foundation.  It's a subtle change but one that more depicts who we are and what we do.  And -- it also is the last step in transitioning from a Michigan corporation (where we worked with cats from 2000-2009 to a New Mexico corporation where we've been working with cats since 2010.  To read more:…


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Cat Spay of Santa Fe 2011 Update

During 2011 we provided free spay/neuter help for 1,130 cats living in northern New Mexico.  For details, visit…


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Cat Spay of Santa Fe Comes of Age

July was a benchmark month for Cat Spay of Santa Fe.  Through the end of last month, we’ve helped 570 caregivers fix – and keep -- over a thousand cats.    And we’ve done this through the participation of ten private and nonprofit clinics based throughout northern New Mexico.  We’re especially pleased with these numbers as in our earlier Michigan program (2000-2010), we had only fixed a total of 560 cats for 115 caregivers after completing our first full year of operation.    With another 4…


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Cat Spay of Santa Fe Fixed Its 500th Cat in January

We had hoped to fix 500 cats in 2010 -- our first partial (May-December) year but fell a bit short ending with 459 sterilizations through December 31.  But since then we've fixed 114 more cats  and are now well above the 500 mark. 


If you know of anyone who needs financial help getting their cats fixed,…


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Cat Spay of Santa Fe Fall Update

Cat Spay of Santa Fe has sterilized 190 cats through our free voucher program since we started in April. In addition we’re now running a current backlog of 135 outstanding vouchers – which should be redeemed in the next 30 days. At this rate, we’ll easily fix 1,600 cats over the next twelve months. These are cats that traditionally live under the spay/neuter radar – with families that know it’s the most important thing they can do for their cat… Continue

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Cat Spay of Santa Fe Now Offers Free Spay/Neuter Vouchers to Feral Colony Managers

In addition to our original lower-income spay/neuter program that provides lower-income pet guardians with up to 3 free spay/neuter vouchers, we now offer assistance to managers of feral cat colonies caring for up to 20 cats at their home or business. Full details are posted to our web site and a summary is at Mews &… Continue

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Cat Spay of Santa Fe program update

Our free cat spay/neuter program just closed its first quarter. Cat Spay of Santa Fe received its first application on April 17th and since then we've approved 13 applications for 80 spay/neuter vouchers. 51 cats were sterilized through the three clinics we currently work with: Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic, Gruda Veterinary Hospital and Sangre de Christo Animal… Continue

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Thinking of Adopting A Kitten This Summer?

If so, please make sure you fix your cat as soon as possible. Kittens as young as 16 weeks old can get pregnant -- and so it's important to spay (females) and neuter (males) before they turn 4 months old. If you live in the Santa Fe vicinity and need financial help to fix your cats, we may be able to help through our Cat Spay of Santa Fe FREE spay/neuter program. Visit our web site… Continue

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Cat Spay of Santa Fe Update

Since our first burst of activity in late April, Cat Spay of Santa Fe went dormant. We kind of expected that to happen as it takes time for a new program to build a rhythm. And – since it is a new program – that’s okay -- because it gives us some time to work out any kinks without making too many public mis-steps. (We used our earlier Ann Arbor spay/neuter programs as a model but there are differences between Ann Arbor and Santa Fe that'll cause… Continue

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