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Ode to Wiyaka’ska

 Yes, the winds of change are gently blowing - they tell me it is time to lay to rest that which is past and walk through some open doors yet to be seen.  It is time to say goodbye to Wiyaka’ska. Sade and I took a short walk and finally I could set Wiyaka’ska free. I had to listen deep inside, for blaming anything in…


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Saving My Arabians’ Eye

September 10th marks two weeks to the date, I watched my beautiful Arabian left eye go blind. The flies were relentless this year; even strong fly repellant could not deter these pests. Two weeks ago in the early afternoon, at first glance, I knew KlassicAmir was in poor condition as he placed his elegant rounded neck to rest on my shoulder.


KlassicAmir is a very proud graceful Arabian, and for him to succumb to lowering and resting his head, meant he was severely…


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Keeping an eye on your Dog: leash law

Losing your dog or worse someone's dog that you are in care of, sinful, heartbreaking and most times unnecessary. Know your dogs behavior. Know the person's dog who you have put in charge of - behavior. Watch all dogs at all times, even in the dog park. It is one of the best places to have fun, let your dog be a dog and meet great people. Unfortunately, at a cost.

Sad stories such as Jager are constant reminders; they tug at our hearts, make us tear up with hopes someday he is found…


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THREE DOGS: a Sheppard mix not color Chow-Shar Pei traveling on frontage road by 599, headed towards Aldea entrance. Chow-Shar Pei has faded blue collar, Sheppard mix had no collar. Well fed, not thin, traveling at good pace. Could not catch. Sunday 2/6  12:30

Boston Terrier –  Caught approximate 11AM Sunday 2/6, on Calle Debra  in La Cinenaga taken to Animal Shelter.

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AT Ortiz Dog Park is a couple stranded and needs car mechanical help: if you have some tools, they are stranded from Louisiana and desperate getting their Maroon Van fix.

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This is a follow-up story of the puppies that were baking in the sun, about 2 or so weeks ago. The good news is: the puppies of 6-7 weeks old are safe at the SF humane society. The not so good news; SF animal control, from whom I could assess from phone calls and the fact the puppies were not immediately confiscated – the “welfare check” went unnoticed and unattended.

The mother is not with the puppies, she still lives in the dismal dank undeliverable repugnant environment where the… Continue

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Molly, the amputee Horse Hurricane Katriana survivor story

I've written articles over the years about horses who survived amputation surgery. There was Boitron, the California Thoroughbred stallion who could service mares after amputation surgery. There were Dr. Ric Redden dramatic cases of founder survivors who galloped around his paddock on artificial feet with "transplanted frogs". Dr. Chris Colles had the never-say-die Appaloosa in England with the spring-loaded foot. And who can forget that paint… Continue

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