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Oona's Bianca-Girl Not Well

Always excited, highly energetic, beautiful, only 4 year old Bianca-Girl, a Labradoodle, is not doing well I just learned. Let's hope she pulls through and let us offer, maybe our prayers, but certainly our support to Oona, a regular at our dog… Continue

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73 year old Edwin Fry refused to pay a $100 fine to have his poodle Buddy returned to him, after he was apprehended for the second time off leash. Instead he busted his dog out of jail, got put in jail himself and while there his poodle was - euthanized!

We need to protest such reprehensible heartless actions. I… Continue

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The Light of the Southwest
October 23. 2006 Isabella joined my household and I became a pack leader for the very first time.
(Click on the image to see more.)

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Sighting of Retriever!

Around noon while driving, in my car, I sighted a disheveled, kinda hungry looking Golden Retriever that crossed St. Michaels Drive twice right near the Cerrillos Road intersection. I called Animal Control and they just told me that they did go out looking, but could not find the dog. According to the newspaper sales guy at the corner, this dog has been hanging around for days! Call 428-3718 if you see this or any other endangered animal.

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Home Made Treats

My experiment seems a big success with my canine companions, but not the Pretty Kitty. I really like to make more of my own food, knowing it will contain no undesirable ingredients or additives. So here I offer up my most recent experiment and welcome your sharing your favorite recipes:

1/4 c Oatbran

1/3 c Rye Flour

1/3 c Spelt Flour

1/3 c Oats

Sesame Seeds

Flax Seeds, ground

Sunflower Seeds, ground

Brewers Yeast

2 tsp Bonemeal

1/3 c… Continue

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