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Ideas for our dog park - what do you think?

How about feeding the birds during winter season? I see no reason why not, do you? We could buy a huge bag of seeds from the feed bin for their best price, $25, find a sealable container (I am thinking for example of a Coca Cola barrel they used to give away) and place it somewhere central in the park like near the table and chairs.

Having watched Animal Planet of late, I also think it would be nice to have something like an obstacle course for our dogs to be challenged and… Continue

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Dog Park Christmas Tree with Isabella

Merry Christmas!
There are dog treats on that tree and now after Christmas
it would be time to gift your dog with something,
even as small as a tiny cookie from Trader Joe's.

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In regard to Calling Animal Control and Zippity Do Dog's post

Dear Julie,

I am sorry if you had trouble at the dog park. Nobody wants to take a dog away from a good and responsible owner. I called Animal Control twice recently on dogs without collars that others claimed to have seen often before.

Do you know that the dog park rules do not allow for bringing more then 3 dogs to the park? Do you know that we are supposed to be there with the dogs and our leads? Do you know that at any sign of aggression a dog has to be taken… Continue

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Caught Stray Dog at Ortiz Dog Park!

This sweet male, not neutered Arroyo Mutt or Cattle Dog let himself be captured today down in the arroyo. I was looking for him after I heard of him sighted again, despite Animal Control's promise to come out for him early in the morning. I wandered around the dog park for about 1 1/2 hours before we came upon him down in the arroyo. He was seeking out the company of other dogs, he is so social.…


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What's a dog's love worth?

Check out this link to a story that involves an upcoming Supreme Court judgment in regard to a neighbor's shooting and killing a dog.

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Christmas at our Ortiz Dog Park

The good folks have put up once again decorations to make our dog park more festive for the holidays and they did a wonderful job. The seed and maybe peanut butter filled cones are appropriate animal friendly decorations. Last year I added some of my pups unused toys in to the mix and I want to invite everyone to do the same and hang up something dog friendly that no longer serves your pet, but might be a welcome diversion for another.… Continue

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Stray Rescue at the Ortiz Dog Park

I called Animal Control to the Dog Park, because I came upon this gray speckled stray dog right after reading a flyer that urged us to capture and rescue it. Some say it has been hanging out at the park for weeks with no collar, no tags, friendly towards other dogs, but skittish around people. He took a treat from my hand, but I did not manage to capture it myself. Animal Control came - and left, never setting a foot in to the field!

So I called them again and waited some more for… Continue

Added by om on December 17, 2009 at 8:12am — 1 Comment

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