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I want to contact with diabetic dog owners

Our 11 year old PennyBaby has recently been daignosed with diabetes.

We are having a terrible time adjusting her food, insulin.  Too much of the time her urine tests way too high. We are feeding her Royal Canin diabetic dog food which we get through our vet. I know each case is different but I would like to hear from other diabetic dog owners.  You can call me at 438 0738 or answer this blog...thanks in advance...geri aron

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Comment by Lisa on April 8, 2012 at 6:42am
Actually Geri, it's not that hard, ears are usually easiest, then a lip. It doesn't take much with the new meters, a very tiny drop. You can get a free meter if the vet writes you a script for it at Walgreens. I like either the one touch or accuchek aviva. It's the best way to manage the insulin and how they're doing. I am sure there are videos on you tube on how to do it. I know there were several for kitties. Hang in there, it's never easy at first. And yes, I've drawn blood from and checked dogs sugars. Just breathe, and always have a grain free snack for afterwards, it makes it easier on you all, and they pretty soon learn to wait for their test and sit still.

The bond you create with a diabetic pet, and the closeness is very, very intense, much like a child. With the right care and such, you can put it into remission.
Comment by Geri Aron on April 6, 2012 at 9:54pm

Thank you Lisa and Dave.  That was good info you gave me, Lisa...trouble is I think it is hard to take blood from dogs

(except at the vet's office) but I will look into it further on Monday....we will muddle through...always do!   Cheers & Happy Easter...geri aron

Comment by Dave Vander on April 4, 2012 at 9:27pm

If you see that erased my other comment -- it was only because I just noticed that Lisa alreadly marked the site I noticed (dah).  It looks like it pretty comprehensive with other people who you can talk to in the same situation.  I hope PennyBaby is back in tip top shape soon. 

Comment by Lisa on April 4, 2012 at 4:41pm

Hi, you might check this site for good information.

One thing I learned with Feline Diabetes is that food and testing with a meter (using tiny blood drop) is what makes the difference. Don't test by Urine, it is unreliable at best and doesn't give you at the moment results because it's the waste that's being excreted and it has to process through the kidneys first. Blood can tell you instantly what the levels are.
I do know that grains can play a big part in the sugar levels for our pets, because they can, and we don't, use the protein from meats to make needed glucose in the systems. Hope the site helps.

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