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Greetings, all you two-legged and four-legged critters! Happy hot weather, uh, NOT! Try wearing a fur coat in 90 degree weather.
Do you guys have suggestions for ways to cool down?

I used to live three blocks from the beach. Alice or Wayne would take me swimming every day with my good buddy (uhm, best girlfriend, Abbey, a yellow lab). I really like to visit Abbey. She is getting a little old and cranky (bad hips), but the humans of that pack (Norma and David), also have a lab named Pico, who likes to play chase and run with me.

Anyway, enough reminiscing. I don’t live by the ocean now. I live in the desert, way different than western Washington State. Before Me (Me. it’s always about me!), Alice used to live in Alaska, a cool place for dogs to live to, as long as they don’t run into bears or moose. Those are big guys!

I am a water dog. I do like the water. I don’t get to go swimming when Alice goes to indoor pools. I just sit on the side and keep my eye on her. You never know…I don’t like the smell of these pools. They’re not real water. I have been swimming in various lakes in New Mexico, but am careful. Some places have an alga that is poisonous to dogs. Bad stuff.

For my birthday party Alice had the bright idea of having us bob for hot dog slices in a plastic wading pool. I must admit, it was a fun idea. All the dogs were polite and even rather delicate in grabbing the penny of hot dog. (Note: this was a special day; I don’t normally get hot dogs; they make me belch.)
It was a really hot day. Wendy (Princey’s ma and my sometimes walking buddy) volunteered to move the party from the unshaded dog run to her back yard. She even has grass in her yard. That felt good to roll in, and the wading pool was another good idea. Then the best trick was done. I think Ben and Zak won, but we had two impartial judges, Mimi and Page.

I love opening presents. I like to rip into them. Sometimes Alice does this at home. She takes a brown paper bag, puts a couple of treats in it, crumples it up and lets me tear it apart and find the treats. It’s an old game, but I still like it. Empty paper towel rolls work too. Treats go inside, ends are taped shut, and then I get to rip it apart. It’s sort of like playing with pots and pans when you are a kid. I hear that’s real fun. Myself, I don’t see the attraction, but oh well….

I bet you are impressed by my vocabulary and proper grammar. Well, living with two English majors, writers and a college professor, puts a little pressure on me. But I used to go to college every day for years with Alice. Everyone thought I was asleep under her desk, but I’m a quick learner. I do miss all the attention I used to get from the staff and students. I even got nominated for Mr. Congeniality one year, because no one wiggles his butt like me when greeting a friend.


Morgan (Super service dog, dog dancer, etc., as dictated to his human, Alice)

To see more photos of this event go to Morgan's birthday party

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Comment by CindyR on June 3, 2008 at 8:45am
Happy Happy Birthday Morgan -- you lucky pup!!! Tigger hopes to meet you soon at doggie dancing (waiting for gas prices to come down a bit!!) :-)

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