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Two days after I let Isaac go, one of my best friends ever (Gayle in Las Cruces) sent the following poem to me. I couldn't read it through the first time. It took a few attempts to get through the whole thing, because she NAILED it. It's true, she had never met him, but she knew him nonetheless.


Although I never met him I feel I knew him well,
That little goat called Isaac, from tales that Cindy tells.

How he came to be a member of the Roper mini-farm,
A rescue case, saved from dogs that did him major harm.

In spite of all his injuries he kept a smiling face,
He knew he'd hit the jackpot when he got to Cindy's place.

With her good care he gained some weight and began to show his spunk,
He latched onto a chicken coop, it became his place to bunk.

Explore the house, check out the shed, climb up upon the hay,
All made for fun adventures that were part of Isaac's day.

"A goat in the house?" I asked. "Yes", that is what she said.
Photos prove a bathroom romp, then he got on the bed!!

Into this and onto that, he was like a little kid,
But he kept Cindy laughing with everything he did.

Isaac's fame and antics spread both far and near,
A fan club formed and waited for tales of him to hear.

Every day where 'ere he went new friends he always made,
Especially the day he marched in the Madrid Christmas parade.

Alas his injuries were too grave, his short life they would steal,
He passed away in Cindy's arms with sadness she must deal.

And we will all remember when all is said and done,
A little goat named Isaac full of happiness and fun.

Gayle 2/22/08

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Comment by lynden bear on March 6, 2008 at 9:34am
That is lovely.....My thanks to Gayle. Lynden

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