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Albuquerque's Animal Welfare Dept NEEDS HELP!!!

Albuquerque’s Animal Welfare Dept needs has the following needs:

1) June is Animal Foster Care Month! We are still in desperate need of foster parents for dogs with puppies, but even more so for cats with kittens. All you need is a spare bathroom and some time and love to share. If you would like to help give young animals a good start in life, contact Dr. Nicole Vigil at 505-764-1140. Also to help us find foster families, we've placed some flyers advertising the program at the volunteer sign-in places at both the Eastside and Westside shelter. As you are signing out, please pick up some flyers and distribute them in your neighborhood--at your veterinarian's office, pet store, workplace, grocery store, etc. (with their permission, of course). We really need to get the word out so that more young animals, special care animals, animals in need of socialization or fostering because of difficulty in shelter adaptation, can find temporary, caring homes to get them through a difficult time.

2) Continued need for Hospice Foster Care. We recognize it would take a very special, loving person to hospice an old animal. You know the animal won't live more than a few years, will start having medical problems, and require extra time and attention. It will probably die in your home. But the satisfaction of knowing you gave more time and quality end of life care to an animal that was put in a shelter when it most needed, what a reward! There is no special training needed. Contact Rebecca Weatherford at 505-764-1151 if you feel this is your calling

3) AWD’s Training Program must be completed in order to help with this. The training is easy and takes very little time. Call 505-768-1975 to get information. Dog Walkers needed at the Westside shelter. Please, if you can spare some time, can you help get these dogs out of their kennels for 20 minutes? It's so important for their mental and physical well-being. I've heard we have a kiddie wading pool in the exercise yard now, so both you and the dogs can cool off...please help?! Mornings or late afternoons preferred due to the heat...thank you!

Directions to the Westside Shelter (11800 Sunset Gardens)

Take I-40 West to the 98th Street exit, go Left

At Central (second light), turn Right

Turn left at 114th Street (watch for the Animal Shelter directional sign)

Turn Right on Sunset Gardens. Go past the Fire Department Academy and the Shelter is on the left.

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