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I went back to the neighborhood where she was spotted this morning to try and locate her before the thunderstorms hit. I met a woman who said she saw her yesterday. That she has a small dog who sits at the front window checking things out and Gracie came right up to the window and was playing with her little dog. The man who saw her this morning is a neighbor to her, directly in back of her house, and saw Gracie in the corral near the back of this same woman' house!
So 2 sightings in 2 days at the same place! Someone may be feeding her and/or she has found a safe place to sleep.
I'm going back after the rain subsides. She must be there somewhere.
It's in the Turquoise Trail Court area east of Highway 14 about 3 miles from home, almost next door to a miniature horse ranch.
She's so close!

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