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Another "stray" horse on the Caja needs help

I came across this horse on the Caja del Rio today and it's likely he was abandonded there. The Livestock Board inspector said more horses are being abandonded on public lands because the nearest slaughter house was shut down. He was on the 24 Road 1/2 mile south of the cinder pit, not far from the Horse Park. The inspector had another report of this horse and the permittees are going to try catch him tomorrow. If caught the inspector posts him for a week, and if not claimed he goes to auction. The inspector says most horses bought at auction are taken to Mexico, and who knows what happens to them there.
This male horse is very sweet and took snacks from me. I've contacted the Horse Shelter. It's possible they might be able to take him in, but like all other rescues and shelters they are hurting for funding and help. If you can help contact the Horse Shelter.

I also posted a blog last week about a "stray" horse I found also on BLM land on the Santa Fe River near La Cienega. I now believe that horse belongs to a private land owner nearby who doesn't keep the gate closed so he roams a bit.

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Comment by Julie L on October 12, 2009 at 4:14pm
I was out there again today and the horse is still there. I gave him some water and apples. He doesn't seem to like carrots. Left another message with the livestock board. If anyone has any ideas on how to help this guy let me know....
Comment by Lily Azures on October 10, 2009 at 11:55am
Julie...thank you for keeping an eye for these guys...alot of people wouldn't have reacted until these animals were in poor shape. Keep me posted..and as always if you need anything let me know. Very busy as of late...:)

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