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bad news on the Alamogordo chimp scene today!

From APNM: The National Institutes of Health is still moving forward to use all of the aging, sick chimps at the Alamogordo Primate Facility in invasive research studies. There's Flo - we love seeing photos of the chimps in the news - but we are outraged that the federal government has misled the public. It's time to RETIRE THE CHIMPS, save tax dollars, NM jobs, and finally begin to have an ethical relationship with these survivors of The Coulston Foundation. Read the story to see what other dirty details were uncovered... »

NIH Accused of Dishonesty Over Chimp Research Plans

After national outcry over its plan to send 209 retired, federally-owned chimpanzees back into traumatic medical research, the National Institutes of Health said it would wait. The chimps' fate would only be decided after independent experts judged whether research was necessary. But animal advocate...

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