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I have had a busy week.Judith and I went twice to the Amy Biehl school and twice to Tesuque Elementary school to work in the Cooking with Kids program. Judith tells me that over 4,000 children from public schools learn how much fun it is to cook with healthy ingredients and taste new foods. What a super idea! Judith read "Nito and Chloe Love Carrots", the latest in her series about a service dog and the little girl he helps.The kids, who were 5-7 years old loved it and asked a lot of good questions. Next it was my turn and I showed how I could do a STAY, a COME (picking up my leash), a LAP (so Judith could easily put on my collar). Then I retrieved a piece of paper (it gets pretty wet) and a pair of glasses. Judith ended by saying how important it is to wash your hands before eating and to brush your teeth after a meal. The kids could hardly believe it when Judith took my little toothbrush to show how much I like having my teeth brushed. Of course I do: my toothpaste tastes of bacon!

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