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Marshall Barks And Becomes Master of His Yard - Until Sharkey Has Her Say!

Yesterday I heard on unfamiliar bark in the yard.
It was deeper than my two and more
hesitant. At first it was a yip or two, then two barks in a row. Then suddenly it was constant and grew louder.

I went to the back door to see what dog might be in the open land beyond our fence making all the ruckus! I was amazed to see Marshall – ears and tail at attention

defending his space against unseen predators beyond the fence line. I watched him for a minute or so,
reveling in the fact that he was suddenly brave enough to make a noise.

Puppymills often ram a metal pipe down the throats of dogs to damage their vocal chords so that they are incapable of making much sound. I’m not certain what this particular mill did to their dogs, but you can be certain the punishment for barking loudly was severe.

Sharkey appeared at the door beside me and looked up. The look on her face relayed the message loud and clear.

“Hey! You get angry with me for barking all the time. What’s up with this?”

I had to laugh. I picked her up and hugged her tight before letting her out to join Marshall. Rather than uniting with him in song she ran out and reprimanded him for barking. That’s my Sharkey – always in control! The dogs will have to work it out for themselves. But as far as I’m concerned, for the time being, Marshall can bark anytime his little heart desires!

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