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My good friend and computer wiz came over to help me with my blogging, hit a wrong key and voila (I speak a little french), lost the blog telling about my family and me! But, I understand that to err is human.

When I was a puppy I went to Assistance Dogs of the West (ADW) to be trained as a service dog. I was a good student and learned almost 90 commands. The problem: I was very timid. After class all the other puppies played and had a good time. Why was I so shy and afraid to join in? Jill Felice, the founder of ADW, helped me for one-and-a-half years, but decided I would never be a good service dog, but would be a wonderful, wonderful pet.

That is how I came to live with Judith and Philippe Newton. In my blogs I am going to call them by their first names - they don't mind. Philippe was born in France and that's why I speak some french. Sometimes Judith will be writing instead of me. A Bientot!

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