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Cody needs fast-kill heart worm treatment $$ support!

A rescue angel picked this dog up in the "no mans land" between Espanola and Chimyo.  He was thin and shy but went right into her car.  He looks like a hound-mix, male, about 80 lbs.  Age judged to be around 2-years. She brought him to Cottonwood clinic for a check up and found that he is filled with heart worm, so badly, that it has already started to affect his lungs. He is on meds to reduce inflammation and get his lungs up to capacity and then will be treated for fast kill heart worm treatment. This is going to be VERY expensive and the foster will keep the dog safe and cared for but can not afford the treatment. Nor can we, having just treated 2 dogs for fast kill in the last few months. Please donate if you can by calling the Cottonwood Vet Clinic at 505-753-3790 and say you want to donate for Cody's care! Thanks!!

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