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Correlation between 1 large cat and a comic strip......

I had to wipe my eyes this morning upon reading my favorite comic strip, 9 Chickweed Lane It was one of his "Hallmarks of Felinity" strips. You can catch the strip at

He must have or have known a cat like mine. Yummy, big beautiful blue eyed Siamese cross, who is very fluffy and very, very large. This cat is somewhere in the range of 23 to 25 pounds. And no matter what I try to do to get him to lose the weight, it doesn't work. Oh don't get me wrong, he's certainly not lazy and is very fleet on his feet. But he has all the grace of a Rhino. And if you are downstairs you can hear him when he does his "Santa Fe 500" laps upstairs being full of himself. He even sounds like a Rhino or an Elephant thumping around up there. So upon seeing the comic strip and the fact that the cat in the strip is also Siamese, I lost it laughing. He even came up with an excellent name for the phenomenon; "Stampede-Sound Synthesizer Technology".

We all know that cats usually are known for their grace and stealth, but there is usually one like Yummy who defies this description the majority of the time. Bless his big blue eyes, he can be stealthy when he's sneaking up on you, but he will never be called graceful. Perhaps this is the reason for the "muscle" bulk, to make up for grace, he gets the power. He's not klutzy, he's just not graceful. And you certainly know it if he steps on you or has you well tucked into bed. He can sneak into bed with you, then claim you as his comfy spot. And moving him off you or off the covers that are between you and the side of the bed, is about like trying to move a liquid lead lump. He sleeps heavy and heaven help you if you need to get out of bed in a hurry. We have discovered though that you can roll him down the covers as it were to get enough space to get out of bed. Then he has the audacity to actually show up to the bathroom before you, when you were positive that he was still in bed.

He considers my husband his pet. And will dole out his nose kisses to me very sparingly. Otherwise I only get love bites, while his "pet" gets "exfoliated". But we still love him because he provides us with love and ALOT of humor. Like watching him run and decide to go over one of the child gates we use for the dogs, definitely NOT graceful, kinda like watching a moose or something go over a hurdle. Actually, I believe the moose may be more graceful.

So hats off to Brooke McEldowney for keeping me in stitches and smiles with his comic strip and his Feline Solange, who brings me back to reality and how many smiles and laughs that we have every day with our own pets.

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