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Generally I don't approve of the methods for horse racing, they start these horses way too young in this country to race. And then wonder why they are pretty much crippled by the age of 5 most times.

However, that being said, New Mexico made headlines today with the Derby winner, Mine That Bird. 50 to 1 odds from last to winning by 6 3/4 lengths. Amazing to watch. I wasn't overly surprised to note that he pretty much ran an easy race, he didn't seem all that winded, but having trained in NM with the higher altitude, he would have an excellent lung capacity. My father watched the race live, and was very emotional about it when he called me on my cell afterwards, Not much moves him to that kind of emotion but the underdog pulling the rug out from under them all.

Hooray for NM! Wouldn't it be nice now if he actually took the Crown? :) Hope he's getting the best massage money can buy right now. :)

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