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2 car keys, one to a Subaru and one to a Ford hang on the lost and found pole in the main area next to the little table.

Our Ortiz dog park entry would benefit from a speed limit sign. Yesterday I watched again a pick up truck race in and out of the driveway. While I never race, I do find myself even go at speeds too high as regards safety of our canine puppies especially. I wonder how to go about getting a reminder for appropriate speed limit?

2 new chairs up on the ridge get used, obviously, hooray, but do not get placed back against the bushes where the winds will not as easily pick them up and destroy. Same with the chairs around the recently added table. They get placed at a distance and in that way do not protect the table when not used from dogs jumping up and breaking it and also are left more vulnerable to winds the like that picked up the umbrella and destroyed it. Please remind each other of such concerns.

Finally Christmas season is coming and I wonder about green meaning non-toxic, safe and fun decorations for the dog park. I though of spraying pine cones and such with gold and silver paint, but such would be toxic. Hm, bells might be fun. Any great ideas out there?

Birds need water especially in what promises to be a dry winter season. Would it not be nice to place some water features a bit higher up for birds? Old plates and bowl might be hung up with twine on bushes.

While the air is cool, down in the arroyo the temperatures were perfect this morning for walking and enjoying the outdoors, but there were very few dogs or people that we encountered.

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