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I am fostering this little guy for Espanola Valley Humane. If you know anyone who might be interested in adopting him, please have them call me to arrange a meeting at (505) 470-1278. Here is his info:

Ducky is a 5yr old Pekingese. He is about 75% housebroken, and wonderful in a crate. He LOVES his crate and I recommend getting him one to help complete the housebreaking process. He only pees in the house if he is not let out regularly, and has never pooped indoors. Ducky is recovering from two major medical issues- the first is a serious, long-term eye infection that led to the removal of his right eye. He could not see out of that eye, so the removal was not mentally traumatic for him and he has adjusted beautifully. The second issue is one that he continues to battle- heartworms. Heartworms are spread through mosquitoes and Ducky was not on a monthly preventative. Dr Joan Moreau of Santa Fe has kindly offered to donate his treatment, but it is up to his adopter to make sure that he goes to his follow up treatment as close to July 13th as possible. This is non-negotiable, as heartworms will lead to heart failure if left untreated. He must be kept calm for the next 10 weeks, so short leashed walks only, no rough play with other dogs, and no romping around. He is a sweet little dog, but overall, pretty calm, so I think that this quiet time will not be difficult for him. Once treatment is complete, he should not have any lasting issues from the heartworms and should live a normal, happy life. He loves to sit in your lap and thinks that little dogs belong on the couch - he really likes watching America’s Got Talent. He is happy to sleep in a crate or a dog bed at night though, so you wouldn’t need to worry about him in your bed. We shaved him to help remove his mats and tangles, but once his fur grows back in, he will need regular grooming. He enjoys being brushed and does wonderfully at the groomers. He is 21lbs and at a good weight.

Ducky knows his name, but you are welcome to change it. He is very smart and learned his name in just a day or two, so I think he would take to a new one quickly. He likes soft food, but I usually give him dry food with a little water so he doesn’t get just canned food. He doesn’t beg or eat table scraps, which is great. Ducky loves other dogs and does pretty well with cats, generally trying to engage them with play. Duckys favorite place is the car. He loves to ride in the car and he sits wherever you put him- on the floor or on the seat and you have to pick him up to get him out of the car because he would ride all day if you let him.

I do not recommend that Ducky go to a home with small children, because, occasionally, if he is eating an extra-special treat, he will growl to guard it. Pekingese, as a breed, can be a bit temperamental, so he likes to think he can boss you around. If you ignore his grumbles, he gives in and goes back to being a good boy.

Ducky has been a joy to foster, and I will hang on to him for as long as I need to, but I would love to find him a home sooner rather than later so that he does not become any more attached to me than he already is. He is quiet and funny and will make a wonderful companion for a home where he can be spoiled. For any questions on Ducky, please call me at 470-1278 or email at

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Comment by Ben Swan on June 28, 2010 at 4:27pm
Who can resist Ducky!
Comment by Donna Leshne on June 28, 2010 at 1:54pm
Cutie pie - I'll shop him out up here, see if we get any takers!

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