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HB63 has been introduced by Representative Yvette Herrell for this 2013 New Mexican Legislative session. This bill will prohibit cities and towns from passing laws and regulations based on the breed of a dog.

Would you please support this bill by spreading the word via your email lists, Facebook, word of mouth etc?  Each and every legislator needs to receive at least 100 phone calls in support of this bill. It would be great to see committee hearings at the Roundhouse filled to capacity with HB63 supporters as well.


There is now a website:  On this site there are links to endorse this bill, find your legislators, and talking points. There is even a flyer to download so people can post it at vets offices, pet stores, groomers, feed stores, training facilities etc.


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Thank you in advance for your effort.


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Comment by L.R. Kastner on January 26, 2013 at 8:58am

Thanks Julie. FYI Carl Trujillo has introduced HB224. It is the House version of SB83 to close loopholes in animal neglect and cruelty. We need to support this one as well!

Comment by Julie L on January 25, 2013 at 10:05pm

Thank you for posting this L.R.  I sent an email to my Rep Jim Trujillo in Santa Fe.  No word back.  I also sent an email to my Senator Peter Wirth about Senate Bill 83 that closes some loop holes in the state's animal cruelty law.  He replied to me immediately that he would review it. 

I told them both I will watch how they vote, and I vote too. 

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