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Winter's coming -- wouldn't you like to have a snuggle bunny or two? House rabbits make great animal companions for those who understand their special needs. The Santa Fe Shelter & Humane Society has 3 wonderful litter-box trained bunnies looking for their forever homes - click on their pix to read their stories: New Mexico House Rabbit Society also has rabbit singles and pairs for adoption: and is holding an adoption event this Sunday, 10/21 from 12-4 at Tulliver's in ABQ (off Paseo del Norte & Wyoming). 

A great online resource about house rabbits is and has great videos demonstrating proper rabbit diet and care. Rabbits and calm dogs & cats without strong prey drives can get along well, if introduced under a watchful eye. Since rabbits are fragile animals they are NOT recommended for very young children who may drop and seriously injure them - buy youngsters a stuffed animal instead. 

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