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FYI...From today's paper (Saturday, April 17)

Animal plague cases on rise
Cases of plague in animals in New Mexico are increasing, a state Department of Health advisory warns.
So far this year, the department has confirmed plague in dogs from Santa Fe, Alcalde and Quay County, and cats from Eldorado and the Abiquiú area.
All of the animals have recovered, according to the advisory, and no human cases have been confirmed.
The agency advises residents to protect themselves from plague — a bacterial disease carried by rodents and often transmitted to humans via fleas — by avoiding sick or dead rodents and their nest and burrows, controlling fleas on family pets, cleaning up piles of wood where rodents can nest and sealing up homes or cabins so rodents can't enter.


Just posting this for everyone's info. My husband and I deal with rodents almost every day via our customers who bring in rodent infested vehicles. It is a gross job for him and our employees to clean out dead and decaying rodents from various places in vehicles, usually in the dashboard because they they enter from under the hood and crawl into heater ducts and die there, oftentimes after they've built nests and had babies.

Now I will add the Plague warning to the Hunta Virus warning we already pass on to people.

Does anyone here have any surefire advice how to keep rodents out of cars? You should market it, you could be very wealthy here in Santa Fe, rodent infection in vehicles is a HUGE problem, especially for people living in Eldorado.

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