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Group opposes live animals as prizes

 This, from The New Mexico House Rabbit Society:

Animals as carnival prizes? Sounds like a practice of a bygone era, but it's happening right here in New Mexico.

The House Rabbit Society has learned that Frazer Shows, a traveling carnival currently stationed in Santa Fe, is giving away live animals - including bunnies, parakeets, turtles and goldfish - as carnival prizes.
Operating in several Southwestern states, Frazier Shows is hocking these animals against local municipal ordinances and with no regard for animal well-being.

In Santa Fe, Frazier Shows is in violation of City of Santa Fe's municipal ordinance, sections 5-9.3 and 5-9.4. : the first section prohibits using animals as a premium within city limits; the second section applies specifically to turtles. Animal Protection of New Mexico and New Mexico HRS have contacted Frazier Shows to try to persuade them to cease live animal prizes and suggested these animals be turned over to the Santa Fe shelter.


City of Santa Fe Animal Services has paid two visits to the carnival over the past weekend and has indicated a possible further unannounced return Thursday, when the carnival reopens, to ensure live animals are no longer being given away.

New Mexico House Rabbit Society opposes all live animal prizes - and especially rabbits - because they demean the value of animals. All animals, and particularly rabbits, should only be acquired after careful consideration has been given to the responsibilities of pet ownership, and never as prizes or presents.

The group encourages animal lovers everywhere to stand with animal-welfare groups and express their outrage about unethical live animal prizes.

Reach out to Frazier Shows and let them know you feel this practice is out-dated and inhumane as sideshows. You can offer your opinion on Frazier Shows’ Facebook page, , and their website:, or by contacting owner Steve Broetsky at (602) 684-0632.

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Comment by Julie L on May 7, 2012 at 7:43pm

Thanks for the post Ben.  I had no idea that was in the city ordinances.  Glad to hear the city is acting on it too.

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