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Cody is an 80 lb hound mix male, found in the "bad-lands" between Nambe and Chimayo.  He was near death, sunken eyes, skin-on-bones thin; but the lady who picked him up brought him to Cottonwood Clinic in Espanola.  In the week she's had him hes come around considerably, been on heart and other meds to tamp-down the inflammation, and will start fast-kill heart worm treatment on Monday. We are reaching out on their behalf for three kinds of support: 

      (1) We need a heavy gage large wire crate for Cody to hang out in, in the house. 

      (2) We need someone with a flat-bed truck or a trailer that can accommodate a single wide stand-alone kennel and help move it from Santa Fe to Chimayo so that Cody can have a place to hang out, outside, and not be running around.

     (3) Then we need donation dollars for the treatment, and for that if folks would call in directly to the clinic to contribute, that would be great!  Their number is 505-753-3790. 

The treatment protocol will take 2-3 months, but by early spring we should have a sleek, healthy dog ready for adoption!

Please help us help this dog. Thank you! 

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