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In regard to Calling Animal Control and Zippity Do Dog's post

Dear Julie,

I am sorry if you had trouble at the dog park. Nobody wants to take a dog away from a good and responsible owner. I called Animal Control twice recently on dogs without collars that others claimed to have seen often before.

Do you know that the dog park rules do not allow for bringing more then 3 dogs to the park? Do you know that we are supposed to be there with the dogs and our leads? Do you know that at any sign of aggression a dog has to be taken immediately away, out of the park according to the laws? I would never call Animal Control unless there seemed to be a real problem.

I do not know who you are and do not recognize the dog on your site, but I love the dog park and will be glad to be of assistance to you in any way I can. We have such a great space and working together to keep it pleasant and safe for all is in all our interest,


P.S.: I did call Animal Control on a dog that repeatedly sits out in the cold, in a backyard on lead with barely any room to move. The legal requirements are a 12 feet lead and a dog house I was told today by the officer. This dog has neither and really seems more of a lap dog then a hardy outdoor cold weather creature. My furry ones sure opened my eyes to the predicaments of other pets. For me it is not about rules and regulations, but the needs of those that can not speak out for themselves.

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Comment by Claudia Inoue on December 31, 2009 at 5:30am
om....I just looked at this post up closer...may I asked why it is addressed to "Julie"? The only Julie here on Scoop who contributes regularly wasn't even involved in this thread that I can see? And Zippiti Do Dog who posted the original blog concerning this matter has stated she is not Julie...maybe you could edit your post and take out the first line "Dear Julie" unless you had a specific reason to address someone named Julie? It must be strange for my friend Julie to log on to Scoop and see a blog post on the front page addressed to "Julie" ? Thanks, om.
Comment by Julie L on December 31, 2009 at 12:25am
Hello om,

I'm not sure if your reply is addressed to me. There may be other Julies. If so I do foster dogs but have never had issues controlling dogs in my care at the dog park. I actually don't visit the dog park all that often (normally once or twice a week) because it's not near my home.

I have respect for Zippity Do Dog and her history here and helping dogs in need and dogs subject to prejudice because of their breed. My hope is there is some tolerance among dog park enthusiasts and like-minded people who care about dogs and how as a community we can work together to better their situation in Santa Fe.

I have 2 dogs of my own. I usually foster just one dog, but sometimes two in a time of transition or excessive need on the part of local shelters or rescues.

NOW IS A TIME OF EXCESSIVE NEED BY LOCAL SHELTERS AND RESCUES. They are overwhelmed and will need to put adoptable dogs down if they can't find permanent or foster homes. Please consider this, om. I would prefer NOT to have a foster dog. To me it is not a choice but an obligation to help alleviate the crush of stray and surrendered dogs the shelters are dealing with now. If you expereince aggressive dogs at the dog park, that may warrant a call to Animal Services. If you see someone with more than 3 dogs, maybe that's less important. If you look at the big picture here in Santa Fe, there are more adoptable dogs than there are people willing to adopt. Foster homes try absorb some of that excess.

PLEASE keep in mind: tolerance, big picture,and be kind,fair,and accurate if you have accusations (again maybe there is another Dear Julie you had in mind).

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