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It is time to act in support of SB 11 (Dogs allowed on Restaurant Patios) and here is how:

Please call or email the committee members of the Senate Public Affairs and Judiciary Committees and spread the word to friends and email lists. I hear there is a mounting effort to defeat this bill.

Here is the contact information:



(Meets Tue., Thur., Room 321 & Fri. at 2:30 Room 303)

Senator Dede Feldman - (D) chair - 986-4482

Senator Tim Eichenberg - (D) vice chair- 986-4859

Senator Vernon D. Asbill - (R) - - 986-4393

Senator Mark Boitano - (R) -  - 986-4366

Senator Mary Jane M. Garcia - (D)-  986-4726

Senator Eric G. Griego - (D) -   986-4862

Senator Cynthia Nava - (D)- - 986-4834

Senator William F. Burt - (R)- - 575-4344-1414 




(Meets Mon., Wed., & Fri., at 2:30 .Room 321)

Senator Richard C. Martinez - (D) Chair -  986-4389

Senator Peter Wirth - (D) Vice Chair -  986-4276

Senator William H. Payne - (R) Ranking Member-  986-4703

Senator Tim Eichenberg - (D)- - 986-4859

Senator Eric G. Griego - (D)-   986-4862

Senator Clinton D. Harden - (R) - 986-4369

Senator Linda M. Lopez - (D)- 986-4737

Senator Cisco McSorley - (D)-  986-4485

Senator Sander Rue - (R)-  986-4375

Senator John C. Ryan - (R)-  986-4373

Senator Michael S. Sanchez - (D)-  986-4727


Steps to Passing Senate Bill 11

1.     The bill must pass the Public Affairs and Judiciary Committees before heading to the Senate for a floor vote.

2.     SB 11 must pass the Senate.

3.     Bill then goes to the House of Representatives

4.     It will likely have a new bill number and be assigned to House Committees.

5.     The bill must pass the House committees before heading to the House for a floor vote.

6.     The bill must pass the House vote.

7.     Finally Gov. Susana Martinez must sign the bill.

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