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Keeping an eye on your Dog: leash law

Losing your dog or worse someone's dog that you are in care of, sinful, heartbreaking and most times unnecessary. Know your dogs behavior. Know the person's dog who you have put in charge of - behavior. Watch all dogs at all times, even in the dog park. It is one of the best places to have fun, let your dog be a dog and meet great people. Unfortunately, at a cost.

Sad stories such as Jager are constant reminders; they tug at our hearts, make us tear up with hopes someday he is found in someone's loving arms who never saw the flyers. Heart wrenching indeed.

Today we had a lady who was walking her daughters dog at the park; the dog wandered off. She did the right thing by going back to the parking lot alerting many of us walkers.

The dog wandered to a nearby neighbor, he called the lady and brought the dog back to the park. This was a good ending however what I observed was: Immediately as she was reunited with her daughters dog, she allowed to jump out of a strangers car before leashing the dog, the dog began to roam away exacerbating the still frantic women to chase the dog.

Apparently the dog does not consider this woman a person with who (dog) she has bonded. Most important, have a bond with your dog. And, if it is not your dog keep the dog on a leash.

My Sweet Sade is so well trained, she gets constant "Bring Sade" invites everywhere. She comes to the slightest whistle and knows what is expected of her with a  minor finger point; never straying. However, when a house sitter is necessary, it is the highest order of responsibility, keep Sade on leash at all times outside her home.

I once lost a beloved 12 year old Rottweiler because of a house sitter. I do have her ashes 12 years in a bronze urn with her mother and brother. I had two beautiful enclosed gardens for my dogs and the house sitter let my old arthritic dog out, by herself to roam away. She died that night alone, in a horrible traffic accident.

When I help train difficult or service dogs, first thing I watch is how is the owner or care taker watching or observing their dogs. This gives me a great amount of knowledge how to proceed with helping "train owners and rehabilitating their dogs."

Today, the lady in the park was very lucky to get her daughters' dog returned within 45 minutes. We all helped and saw she was having a very bad day. She also lost her car keys, which another dog walker found and left on the lost and found table.

We love our dogs, but please keep an active eye on your dog at all times. Make sure you have an inseparable bond - to avoid your heart being broken for years. Give your dog/s a big hug for they love us unconditionally. 

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Comment by Shari Shantasi on April 8, 2012 at 2:31pm

M - your dog Sade may be 'so well trained' but we can never be sure something won't distract our dogs and off they go. I believe the only dogs that should be off lead outside of their home, yard or fenced dog park are working dogs, i.e., search dogs, etc. I'm in the minority, I know. But it makes no sense to me for a dog owner to allow their supposed loved ones to run free and put them at risk. Someone once told me she did so because her dogs had so much fun. A two year old child runs out into the street for fun too, but we don't think that's ok. Another person said life is full of risk. True, but I can't see taking unnecessary chances when a beloved pet's future is in the balance. People may be willing to accept the consequences if their dog goes missing, but the dog is the one to suffer, through no fault of their own. Happy to hear the dog missing today was reunited.

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