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Lost Dog - Large White/Brown Mix - in car accident near Clayton

Rusty was lost in a tragic car accident on June 18 near Clayton (east of Raton).  Rusty survived and was spotted near the accident.  Annette, his owner, was hospitalized.  Another person tragically died.  Annette's friends came down from Colorado Springs to search, no luck.  Another possible sighting of him in Clayton in September, Annette returned but no Rusty. 
If you have seen him please email Annette. annette.roush @  gmail
From Annette:
"The accident (on June 18), was on the Raton Hwy., just outside of Clayton (mile marker 421, by the Baca ranch).  Rusty ran north onto the Baca ranch. Mr. Baca's son saw Rusty the evening of the accident, drinking from a water tank. He tried to get Rusty to come to him, but Rusty was still too panicked. He did put food out but didn't think Rusty ate any.
Rusty is micro chipped. He was wearing a brown nylon collar and a choke-chain collar (for his leash). He's a red and white St. Bernard/German Shepherd/Border Collie(?) mix, with a white, feathery tail that curls up over his back. He's very sweet and polite (and highly food-motivated), but he also has some quirks.  If people are wearing big gloves, like work gloves or a baseball mitt, he gets aggressive--hasn't bitten anyone, but snarls and barks and once snapped at the end of a baseball mitt. He also tries to bite loud motorized things like vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers.  Friends and I have posted a $1,000 reward for him."

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Comment by Julie L on December 5, 2012 at 8:20pm

More photos of Rusty.

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