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Maulings by dog pack off of Hwy 14

Happy New Year Scoopers

Over the past 3 weeks we've had multiple pet dogs mauled and killed in the Hwy 14 S area. (between County Roads 42 and 55) Three dogs have been attacked, ranging in size from 45, 85 to 170 pounds. Two of the dogs died from their injuries. The largest dog survived. None of these attacks were witnessed, so I've been immersed over the past 5 days in collecting whatever facts were available to try to pinpoint just what animal was doing the attacking. At one point we suspected we had a cougar back in the area, but we are now back to our original assumption that it is a pack of roaming dogs. The dog that survived had three distinctly different sized tooth punctures on his body. If anyone on Scoop lives in this area (south of Lone Butte and north of Madrid) and sees a pack of wandering dogs, PLEASE DO TWO THINGS:
1) report it to animal control, (location, description, time of day, etc)
and 2) take photos.

My neighbor's dog died on Christmas Eve, and the 2nd dog died on Christmas Day while still in the vet's care (after being attacked on the 19th). Not something any of us should ever have to live through.

In the county, Animal Control is at 992-1626.
On weekends and holidays, call Sheriff's dispatch at 428-3720.

Thank you.

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Comment by CindyR on January 2, 2010 at 11:22am
fairly certain its not coyotes. Our coyotes here are brazen, but they're not stupid. And, I've been in touch with some of the leading coyote experts in the country, and all agree that coyotes are probably NOT the culprits.
the only saving grace for my own dogs, is that all the attacks occurred when the owners were absent and the dogs had access to unfenced property. That's not the case with my dogs. They pretty much go with me everywhere, or they are locked inside.
It still freaks me out though, since my own yard is not yet fenced.
Comment by caril on January 2, 2010 at 11:07am
How terribel! Could it be coyotes perhaps? I guess the really large dog would not have been attacked by coyotes... Were the dogs in yards?

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