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New Mexican Voter information for November 6th -- Animal welfare perspective

From an email I received -- remember to vote November 6th!


Dear Friends of the Animals,

Election Day in New Mexico is Tuesday, November 6th.  Early voting and absentee voting began on October 9th  and continues until November 3rd at County Clerks’ Offices.   Additional early voting sites open on October 20th and stay open until November 3rd.

We are sending you this e-mail to provide information from the animal welfare perspective on the New Mexico State legislative races, County Commission races, Judgeships, and one District Attorney race.  We are also providing information on the US Senate race.  

A big part of the animal welfare movement is electing candidates who will support, enact, or enforce laws and policy to protect the well-being of animals.   Your vote is one of the easiest and most effective ways in which  you are able to make a real difference in the lives of our four-footers, who can’t speak for themselves. 

We review each candidate we endorse to determine how he/she has affected or is committed to affecting the lives of animals.  For legislative candidates we look to see whether they have sponsored or supported important animal welfare legislation.  If individuals have voted against significant animal welfare legislation we will not endorse them but will endorse a viable challenger who has a more receptive mind to protecting the well-being of our four-legged friends.

Although we may not agree with all the votes and actions taken by a particular candidate, each candidate listed here is one who, we are confident, will support improving the lives of animals. 

In the case of judges and district attorneys, we are looking for individuals who will enforce our animal cruelty laws to the fullest extent possible. 

As always, we encourage you to research the positions of all the candidates in your area on any and all issues of importance to you.  Once again, our endorsements are based exclusively on each candidate’s support for the welfare of animals.

Below, you will find our recommendations in those races in which we have sufficient information to endorse candidates.  If a candidate is unopposed, we will put a (U) next to his/her name.  When you vote, please vote for the unopposed candidates as well, to show your support.

We don’t purport to know all the candidates in every race.  We are listing for you those candidates we know to be animal-friendly.   In the case of an incumbent who has already demonstrated his/her commitment to animals, we endorse the incumbent.   In a case where candidates are running for an open seat or a seat held only for a short time, and a candidate has strongly demonstrated in a previous position or activity a commitment to animals, then we endorse that candidate.

United States Senate:

Martin Heinrich:  From his time as an Albuquerque City Councilor, President of the Albuquerque City Council and a US Representative, Martin Heinrich has repeatedly demonstrated his concern for Albuquerque’s and New Mexico’s animals.  From helping to pass the Albuquerque Animal Ordinance (one of the most protective and humane ordinances of the time) to helping to end the suffering of the Chimps used for experimentation at the Alamagordo Primate Facility, Martin Heinrich has stood out as a strong voice to bring an end to cruelty towards helpless creatures.


New Mexico Court of Appeals:

Judge Monica Zamora



State Senate:                                                            Counties

John Pinto (U)                        District 3                       McKinley, San Juan

George K. Munoz (U)             District 4                       Cibola, McKinley

Richard C. Martinez (U)         District 5                       LosAlamos, RioArriba,

                                                                                      Santa Fe

Pete Campos (U)          District 8                       Guadulupe,Mora,San

Miguel, SantaFe, Torrance

John M. Sapien                      District 9                       Sandoval

John C. Ryan                          District 10                     Bernalillo,Sandoval

Gerald P. Ortiz Y Pino (U)      District 12                     Bernalillo

Bill B. O’Neill (U)                    District 13                     Bernalillo

Cisco McSorley (U)                District 16                     Bernalillo

Timothy Keller                       District 17                     Bernalillo

William H. Payne                   District 20                     Bernalillo

Mark Moores                         District 21                     Bernalillo,Sandoval

Sander Rue (U)                       District 23                     Bernalillo,Sandoval

Peter Wirth (U)                      District 25                     Santa Fe

Jacob Candelaria (U)             District 26                     Bernalillo

Howie C. Morales (U)            District 28                     Catron,Grant,Socorro

Michael Sanchez          District 29                     Valencia

William F. Burt                       District 33                     Chaves,Lincoln   

Mary Jane Garcia                   District 36                     Dona Ana

Carroll H. Leavell (U)             District 41                     Eddy,Lea   

Gay Keman (U)                      District 42                     Chaves,Curry,Eddy,                                                      Lea,Roosevelt



State Representative:

Eliseo Alcon (U)                     District 6                       Cibola,McKinley

Patricia Lundstrom (U)          District 9                       McKinley,SanJuan

Rick S. Miera (U)                    District 11                     Bernalillo

Antonio Moe Maestas (U)    District 16                     Bernalillo

Gail Chasey                            District 18                     Bernalillo

Sheryl Williams-Stapleton    District 19                     Bernalillo

Mimi Stewart (U)                   District 21                     Bernalillo

James Smith (U)                    District 22                     Bernalillo,Sandoval,

                                                                                      Santa Fe  

Marci Blaze                            District 23                     Bernalillo,Sandoval

Christine Trujillo                    District 25                     Bernalillo

Lorenzo A. Larranaga            District 27                     Bernalillo

Jimmie C. Hall (U)                  District 28                     Bernalillo

Thomas Anthony Anderson  District 29                     Bernalillo

Nate Gentry                           District 30                     Bernalillo

William R. Rehm                    District 31                     Bernalillo

Stephanie Garcia Richard     District 43                     LosAlamos,Sandoval,


Don Tripp (U)                         District 49                     Soccorro,Catron,                                                Valencia

Zach J. Cook (U)                     District 56                     Ruidoso,Lincoln,                                                                                                 Otero

Tim Lewis (U)                         District 60                     RioRancho,Sandoval

George Dodge                        District 63                     DeBaca,Curry,Guadal,


W. Ken Martinez (U)             District 69                     Cibola,McKinley,

SanJuan,Bernalillo, Valencia,Socorro



Bernalillo County

Bernalillo County Commission:

Debbie O’Malley               District 1           North Valley

          During her many years on the Albuquerque City Council, Debbie O’Malley has shown herself to be an outspoken supporter of both animal-protective legislation and of increasing the Animal Welfare Department budget.  She has made herself easily available and responsive to animal-caring citizens to discuss their concerns. Her demonstrated record as a strong advocate for the protection of animals in Albuquerque has earned our endorsement.

Art De La Cruz (U)             District 2           South Valley

Maggie Hart Stebbins (U)        District 3           Center of Albuquerque



Judicial Candidates

District Court 2nd District- Division 6

Brett Loveless  *

Briana Zamora *



District Court 2nd District- Division 10

Christina Argyres *

Sharon Walton *


District Court: 2nd District- Division 19

Benjamin Chavez


District Court: 2nd District- Division 21

Alisa Ann Hadfield


District Attorney:

Bernalillo County

Kari E. Brandenburg


*Dual Endorsements


Voting Information:

If you’re not sure where you need to go to vote, please contact your County Clerk’s Office.  Below you will find the telephone numbers of some of the County Clerk’s Offices.


Bernalillo          468-1291

Los Alamos       662-8010

Sandoval 867-7573

Santa Fe  986-6280

Valencia  866-2073


Please remember to vote!  The animals are depending on us to be their voice!  If possible, vote at one of the early voting sites to avoid the rush on Election Day. JJJ

It makes things easier to have a sample ballot to look at before going out to vote.  For your convenience, you might want to contact your County Clerk’s office, or look at your County Clerk’s website to find out how you can get a sample ballot for your voting precinct.  For example, in Bernalillo County we go to the county website,  Then we click on County Clerk and follow the instructions to see a sample ballot. 

Please forward this entire message about animal-friendly candidates to all of your animal-caring family and friends in New Mexico and let them know that all the candidates listed here are concerned about Animal Welfare.


Thank you all very much,

Celina and Ralph


People for Animal Welfare of New Mexico

505 299-3373

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