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Tuesday morning we had the veterinarian come to the house to put our precious PennyBaby to sleep.  She had been part of our lives for 14 years,,,She was a young adult when we adopted her from the Las Vegas Animal shelter.   She had developed diabetes, then Cushing's Disease, then liver cancer, And during the  many months of caring for her and giving her meds & special food she continued to enjoy life. Then her kidneys began to fail and it was suggested we bring her to the vets 2 - 3 times a week to get hydrated....but when she began to refuse food of any kind, we decided we were postponing the inevitable.  An empty house...You all have gone through this...trouble is, it was always known there would be another doggie who needed us as we need him/her...this time it is 91 years of age, we can no longer give a dog a Forever Home.

Geri Aron

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