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Puppies left to fend for themselves in hot sun

MicheleElys asked me to post this story for her:


Today was one more ordinary hot Saturday with short errands to get out of the way. As I turned onto my Lopez Street off of Dunlap and drive home with windows rolled up, air-conditioning blasting to keep my Blue Heeler Sweet Sade cool, I heard shrieks in blood curdling form of yelping. At first I thought I may have had hit a dog; as I looked around the car I saw nothing but continued to hearing these spine-tingling screams of (?) a dog. I backed the car up to the end lot with fears of a car rounding the same corner and crash into my back end and harm Sweet Sade, but the terrifying screams were urgent.

I looked over a dog that is always chained to a trailer, through blizzards, blazing heat and of course it was lunging as normally, then gazing past, I saw puppies!!

Screaming puppies! Rushing out of my car, positioning myself between the lunging dog, I saw 3 puppies whose eyes were yet to open, panting and baking in the hot sun. They were desperately crawling next to a hot iron gate, trying to find some kind of relief; however without eyes to see, their mother chained on the other side of the fence lunging at me, I yelled for the occupants in the house.

Slowly a man and child came out. I told them of the situation, immediately he lied “I just put them out”, (I have seen this man often, he normally is in some kind of drunken stupor, bruised beyond recognition from of brawl). I told him “the puppies where baking in the sun and dying a horrific death”. He tried to schooched me off the property – I was not going anywhere. Insisting he pull the puppies out of the baking sun – all this was growing louder in voice while the puppies where bellowing in pain. Everything they touched or crawled onto was burning their tender skin; the sight made my stomach wrench.

I insisted he picked the puppies up and remove them from the sun, my Spanish was equally as bad as his English, and I had to stay away from the lunging mother. As he pulled one puppy out, I begged for him to give me the puppy to hold. I wanted to see how hot the baby was; it burnt in my hands. He said, now don’t get attached. “Attached”? I replied, “get these puppies out of the sun and give them water immediately”. “They have water” was the reply. I again enforced, “get them out of the sun now” and then he began to push me away. Well I may only be 5’4” but I am a red-head and very determined.

I insisted, so he went back pretending to get the puppies. I told him I was going to call the authorities, with that he brushed me away and tried to push me once again with more anger. There was not a chance I could get past the mother, not get bitten and rescue these puppies. My dog was in my car, which I left running at a very precarious “accident waiting to happen” spot. So I climbed into my car, as I left I did receive the proverbial defiant finger and brush off.

It took less than a minute to pull into my driveway, jump out with Sweet Sade and run into the house, pull her collar off, and call the humane society who gave me the authority’s number and call for a welfare check.

At this moment I do not know what has happened, but I do hope in all humanity the dogs were confiscated and are still alive and no longer suffering.

It is very important to pay attention to the heat of the sun at all times during the year. Animals can die from heat stroke in a matter of moments; pant to the point of dry vomiting and die an un-godly death, just as children do when parents leave them in a hot car, then forget the child. Please be kind to your animals and please, if you see abuse, report it. Those screams of agony will never leave my ears. I am horrified at the cruelty.

What would you do?

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Comment by MicheleElys on June 28, 2010 at 8:09am
Thank you, I had a very aggressive person go and check; while I drove by this morning at 6AM I saw that the mother was boarded up in her usual chained local - cannot confirm anything else. I do not know if SF animal control did anything, will call when I have a chance and report on the blog.
IF anything one should think upon this ignorant, self indulgent man who is a violent alcholic that he gets some degree of help. There are several young girls living at the place and I have tried to mind my own business until this came up with these several week old puppies.

I am truly sorry we have such suffering in this world and more here in NM than I have seen. But I could say the same for the Gulf Coast now, what horrors they are experiencing and those who have taken their lives due to sickness and losing everything because of this disaster. Regrettably MicheleElys
Comment by Chris Dowd on June 27, 2010 at 8:11pm
I remain constantly disgusted by what people do to the innocent. I pray those puppies and mom are out of that horrible place and will know nothing but love and kindness for the rest of their lives. What I wish to have happen to the person who inflicted this pain on them is beyond any words I have.

Thanks for helping them.
Comment by MicheleElys on June 26, 2010 at 8:37pm
Dear Amy,
Thank you for rescuing Bruce: Does Bruce need someone with him all the time? I do work very long hours (temporarily) in Los alamos. This would be a huge concern. At times my elderly neighbor takes Sweet Sade Rose for walks in the afternoon to give her a break, but she is an "easy keeper" and is no fuse or mess. I have, also to X-Barn cats that are at times patient with other dogs but weary of them; naturally.
I commend you for taking the dog to the vet. what is Bruce's prognosis and what where his injuries? Does he take pain pills and is he mobile?

BTW, a common mistake is made by many about my first name: MicheleElys all one word.
Thank you for reading and responding. I can't make guarantees with Bruce until I find out more. Thank you
Comment by Amy Balent on June 26, 2010 at 6:02pm
Wow, Michelle, what you just endured makes me want to eliminate those kinds of people from the face of the earth! When I found Bruce, he had been hit 3 weeks earlier by a car and the owners left him in their yard to die --day after day, as he lay there in agony. Lucky for him, they just "gave" him to me and never once even visited him at the vet that was down the street from where I found him! Bruce is a total joy. This is a hard one to place because of his need to convalesce another 2 months...Amy

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