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Sammy and Sully Australian Shepherds born deaf and blind

...I am writing you to cast a wide net on people,
resources, and networks in the hopes of finding a solution to my very
painful dilemma.

I moved to California from Colorado a year and a half ago. I brought my
family with me- my two special needs cats, and my two beautiful
Australian Shepherds who were both born deaf and blind due to bad
breeding practices. Adopted on separate occasions, both were in danger
of being euthanized when I found them. I drove several hours to retrieve
them. Their names are Sammy and Sully.

Sully I rescued as a fourteen week old puppy. He had kennel cough and
was on death row with only hours to live. He was only supposed to be a
transport. Yeah, right. I rescued Sammy when he was a year and a half
old, after he had been dumped in the desert and left to die. Although he
was emotionally traumatized, he is the most polite and grateful dog I've
ever worked with. I've had them for six years now and we've been through
some tough times. I got them shortly before I was in a serious car
accident They were my constant companions and sources of love and
devotion. It was difficult at times, but we are a family and I made a
commitment to see it through with them - no matter what. When I moved to
CA to rebuild my life, they came with me- the whole clan.

Well, once again, I am finding myself in a sad and desperate situation
that is forcing me to make some difficult choices. I have a terminally
ill parent who is also suffering from Alzheimer's. She is in Colorado. I
am needing to be there for the duration of her illness, as I have no
other options available. Additionally, I am going in for a biopsy next
week, as there is a possibility I may be facing the same health crises.
I do not have the means to pay for ongoing pet care in my home, nor do I
have a place to keep my dogs in Colorado, while caring for my parent
(and potentially myself). I am absolutely devastated beyond words at the
prospect of having to place my beautiful family up for adoption, as the
emotional loss would be incalculable. I love them as much as any person
and break down when having to discuss this situation. (I am crying as I
write this.)

I am reaching out to anyone and everyone in the hopes of finding a kind
soul, an angel actually, - who would be able to offer foster care to my
sweet friends, so that I may tend to the difficulties at hand without
grieving the loss of my beloved family. I would be willing to compensate
for food and vet care if necessary. I have contacted a few rescue
agencies, but all have said I must relinquish my dogs, if they are to
help. That is my last choice, and only will be exercised if nothing else
materializes. This would be very hard for my dogs as well, because they
are very attached to me and each other due of their disabilities and
would most likely be separated... would most li

They are neutered males, five and six years old. They are very low key
in almost every aspect. One dog does suffer from separation anxiety, but
there are ways to get around that. The same dog should not be around
small children, as he tends to bark snap if he can't identify a smell.
They walk well on a leash, and prefer to be enclosed if left in. Here is
a website and some pictures to help you learn more about them.

*Please pass this along to ANYONE who might know a resource or someone
who might be able to assist.* Please don't hesitate to contact me with
any questions. I'm desperate. Time is running out. Thank you.

Here is a link to a website with pics and their bio for anyone who is
interested. Thank you in advance for any prayers or assistance you might
be able to offer.
Michelle Soule
303 623-3703



Mary Taylor
Dana Point CA

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Comment by Donna on August 31, 2010 at 2:56pm
Google these folks the contact's last name is Champion.
Comment by Sloan Cunningham on August 30, 2010 at 3:57pm
Michelle Soule
303 623-3703



Mary Taylor
Dana Point CA
Comment by Claudia Inoue on August 30, 2010 at 2:58pm posted this FOR someone, Sloan?

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