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This afternoon SB11 (dogs on patios) passed the senate 11 to 29 with an amendment by Sen. Boitano that says a restaurant would need to post a sign that dogs are  allowed on the patio.
Other amendments offered and defeated were those that:
  • Said a fire hydrant must be on each patio to accommodate the dogs.
  • Said other pets should be allowed like snakes. One senator brought his pet python onto the senate floor as an expert witness!!!!!
  • Asked what about a chupacabra?

Next week SB 11 is off to the House. Please call or email your representative and ask them to support this bill. I was a little surprised by the 11 that voted against this bill and their reasoning.

Thanks for all your help in getting the bill this far. Hopefully we can all have a party this summer with our pups on our favoriite patios.


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Comment by Julie L on March 14, 2011 at 7:50pm
It is nice to see dogs are becoming more recognized as true companions, and not just as pets to be left out in the yard.  Thank you for the update, L.R.

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