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Near the end of April, a small, 8 week old, American bulldog/pitbull terrier mix was surrendered to our shelter.   All the owner wrote on the form was that the puppy had a heart murmur and that they couldn't afford the medical costs. They also provided a CD with X-rays but you could physically feel the murmur with your bare hand.

In spite of her medical condition, Nova Rey was the most human-loving little girl we had ever seen; her entire body wiggled in a frenzy to snuggle with us. Everyone fell in love with little Nova Rey. She showed no signs of any illness but our vet did confirm a very pronounced heart murmur and recommended that we take her to a veterinary cardiologist for a full work up and diagnosis. Meanwhile, the shelter staff found her a great foster home where she is receiving plenty of love and attention as well as the companionship of other canine playmates. She continues to astound us with her energy and heart. 

After the cardiologist exam we all learned what was causing little Nova Rey's heart murmur. She has Pulmonary Stenosis and it is a very serious condition.   It may cause her to start fainting, getting weak or collapsing at any time as her heart struggles to push blood through to her lungs.  There is no actual cure and, without  treatment, she might live no more than a few years.  The good news is that there is a treatment that can lessen the effects of this condition and extend her life.   This little dog's brave spirit matches her great love for life and she is currently busy just being a playful and curious puppy.  We believe she deserves a chance to continue enjoying her life for as long as possible.

Nova Rey needs three things: a surgery, a daily medication, and a family to love and care for her. 

To help you get to know her, Nova Rey has a video:

She is also one of the featured dogs on the Los Alamos Friends of the Shelter web site.   

And there is a GoFundMe campaign to send donations to Los Alamos Friends of the Shelter to help raise money for her heart surgery.


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