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Sheryl Crow Tries To Ride To The Rescue Of Wild Horses

Sheryl Crow Tries To Ride To The Rescue Of Wild Horses (click for story)
the number of mustangs languishing in federal corrals is absolutely heartbreaking. They've been ripped from the land to live the rest of their lives crowded into corrals.They will NEVER BE ADOPTED. It makes me ill. And to a huge cost to the taxpayers. Screw the NV Cattlemen's Assoc. We all have to deal with competition for resources, no matter where we live or our walk of life. Deal with it. Adapt. This infuriates me. Like Sheryl says, there HAS to be a better way......................

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Comment by CindyR on January 11, 2010 at 8:06pm
The birth control methods really sounded like a great plan. Unfortunately, the Cloud Foundation found that they worked longer than expected, and off-set the mares' natural cycles so that they ended up foaling in the late fall instead of the spring. I guess alot of foals died because they couldn't survive the winter so young. So sad. We just need to friggin' keep our hands out of things. (and yes -- eat bison and stay away from the damned cows -- don't support an industry that reaps such devastating effects on our combined environment). I've got to quit, I could go on and on........
Comment by Julie L on January 11, 2010 at 7:35pm
Oh this breaks my heart too. Let's hope Sheryl can bring more attention to their plight. Locally here in NM there's a group working on birth control methods for wild horses to try keep the populations down. Makes a person want to be a vegetarian (or avoid free range cows).

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