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Stray Rescue at the Ortiz Dog Park

I called Animal Control to the Dog Park, because I came upon this gray speckled stray dog right after reading a flyer that urged us to capture and rescue it. Some say it has been hanging out at the park for weeks with no collar, no tags, friendly towards other dogs, but skittish around people. He took a treat from my hand, but I did not manage to capture it myself. Animal Control came - and left, never setting a foot in to the field!

So I called them again and waited some more for them to return. By that time another stray had shown up at the main big field and the guy actually got out of the truck and captured the dog by himself, we were all very surprised and impressed. He even calmed the dog, then lying on the ground, with his bare hand! Of course the dog was not too happy to be caught and gave us on-lookers a low growl. He should be at the shelter now and Animal Control promised to be out again now, this early morning, to try and capture the one I called for originally.

The officer said that overnight traps get stolen, even when secured to posts, so they no longer use them. Others say they never seen any traps of any kind placed at the Ortiz Dog Park?

I am not at all sure involving the authorities was the right thing to do. If the nights were not as cold I would not likely have called, but no pets ought to sleep out in freezing temperatures. Neither of these dogs looks emaciated to us, maybe they live nearby? But one was not fixed and neither were wearing tags or were under any supervision. That is not right. The best scenario I guess is for owners to come forward, claim them and do right by them. The worst of course is that nobody will want them and the unthinkable might lie in their future. I am worried. So let's keep on caring for all things living to the best of our abilities!

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Comment by Claudia Inoue on December 17, 2009 at 8:19am
THANK YOU, om, for taking initiative! I agree, it is too cold to sleep outside at night for anything, human or animal...and if these dogs have "owners", these people are sadly lacking in their responsibilities towards these animals. I hope they catch the other dog as well!

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