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Tesuque Friends.......The flyer is not midnight... and Peanuts who is in flyer at the market. is found.

I just went my friends to know!!!!!

My neighbor mentioned to me at a BBQ .. That there was a flyier at the Tesuque market telephone post. and it looks like midnight.. she asked me if i got all the flyers.. i paused. and said i remember Mike and i went to gather to take down the flyers of our after she was found, AS I was coming home from Santa Fe. I stopped by to take a look.. it was A German Shepard who looks like Midnight. This Flyer has background of snow.. Our Flyer has My Long haired Cat( Checkers). who would not even give Midnight the time of day, or cared if she was found...I called the # on the flyier. and he said his Shepard was found.. on weds., his neighbor found his peanuts "on the big by pass."... A few more minutes he would have not been found by his neighbor... he said.. he will take the flyier down tommarow.7/18....

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