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With temperatures a bit cooler biking with my dogs gains in attraction. Sumo-boy will do a little chase-a-tail round dance in expectation of a good run. He will be the one to pull me and my Isabella-girl ahead. This guy is nothing like me, he needs and looks forward to his runs.

My Isabella-girl on the other hand needed a bit convincing to give up her sniffing orgies in favor of running past all those favorite spots of hers. But she is coming along nicely these days and both stay along side my bike, but it is dicey. It could take only so little to upset the apple cart, meaning my balance while I am on my bike with my two dogs on lead.

Yesterday this sweet Bernese Mountain Dog, off lead on Canyon Road, of course wanted to come over to say hello. Tell a big lumbering pup like that, no, not now! I got off my bike in time. And there is the passing of dogs in cars, no telling when either party may feel a need to assert themselves. Passing along parked cars, I always worry about a driver about to pull out and missing our nearness. Sumo has a tendency to run too far out, I am practicing vigilance, always, to the best of my ability.

Last year I fell of my brand new bike because Sumo frightened me with getting too close to an on-coming car whose driver did not see him. Unfamiliar with the back-peddling breaks as well as the retractable lead, silly me I squeezed the lead and front break and found myself unceremoniously thrown to the ground. Thankfully not in to oncoming traffic. I got away with one very purple thigh. I could not even blame Sumo, it was my very own mistake and it happened so fast.

There are those nice folks that enjoy the sight of my pups running and give them big smiles, which might propel my social Isabella-girl right over to say hello and give a kiss. Mexican guys that like to whistle at my perros are another of so many potential downfalls. They seem to get a kick of watching and teasing my pups, fair enough, just please, not while I am trying to stay on my bike!

With all the so called traffic improvements downtown, try and cross a street for god-dess sake. The lights seem interminable, the push buttons are out of reach, the lanes keep changing and traffic still happens at a frightening speed. Don't even get me started on all those drivers turning right and cutting us off, just when the light finally turns green for us. But then there are those that will stop for us on double lane main streets, when I can not possibly risk passing, so the flow of traffic for all gets impeded.

What really gets to me are all those idiotic posts obstructing passage with never a single thought about bike safety. Passing between is a challenge by myself on bike, but try it with 2 dogs on lead!

So far, so good, we have been safe and my pups are so much happier for it, I consider it for now worth the risk. As the Dog Whisperer says Exercise first, discipline next, love last!

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